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hello friends, this time I will discuss about the web directory, of course we all know the world has a web or blog will understand about what is the web directory. Web directory is a website created and intended as a collection of the entire website directory in the world will be divided into some category. These categories represent a collection that contains the web about the category Business web directory, Computers, Finance, Game, Movie, and so on. Web Directory is very important and can be used as reference to find a website with a special directory in accordance with what we are looking for, so we're just looking for as we need it, because it has been separated according to type of directory. It should be noted by the web provider directory for easy access by information seekers, the arrangement of the website must be easy to view and order category. For example, we all already know about Yahoo or DMOZ directory. They are one example of friendly SEO web directory, accessible, friendly appearance and already have a list of very large directories.
In addition to the reference point for web users who want to enter the website into directories other than Yahoo directory and DMOZ, I recommend also to incorporate your website into site. To enter your site into this directory is very easy, here are the steps:
Click on [Submit], then on [Standard Review].
Complete only these fields:
[* Email Address:]
[* Site Title:] - leave as the engines suggest if ok
[* Site Description:] - - leave as the engines suggest if ok
[* Keywords:]
[* Enter a password:]
[ore info / Longer Description or a relevant article (no more then 4000 charachters ~ 600 words.] - Ok.
Your website will be entered into the appropriate directory after it is approved. By entering into the web directory web, then our website will be easy to find and be found by others, the effect of our website visitor will rise, and it will give more benefits to our business website.