Choose sacks in cities where the loss is calculated against the resources
and gold to plunder. If the city is a stronghold after another good look, If
Even WAN to attack and then follow the same tactics as the "taking charge of a city"
What I remember is that troops are able to do much of their booty
back home. Bringing workers if they are not carriers.
The carrier is by far the best for sacks.
Easy money:
To get easy money, go immediately to the wood. Wood is one of the most
common high-priced resources. Constantly up and down. It is possible
make over a million gold by the sale of timber off every day. Build your wood
meters quickly. Make the highest first. Try building about eight of them
immediately when you can. Build up to four high-level as
as you can. Increases the amount held in the timber and the amount you
can produce per hour. After building this, try then iron stone. No on
food unless you are building your army. Then, you have just to keep food
troops. Iron and wood are usually the most expensive.
Continue work on those and then be on your way to make more money.