To activate the console you have to press Shift + Ctrl + C
After the console is insert the following codes and press enter:
Press [Esc] or click the red "X" to close the console window.
Note: Enabling codes block achievements from being earned on that
particular planet.
Result Code
moremoney - adds $ 1,000,000 of spores.
addDNA - adds a point of DNA to pass in the mode of the baby.
refillMotives - replenish depleted health and other reasons.
unlockSuperWeapons - Unlock all superweapons for their type of civilization.
spaceCreate - Unlock and recharge all the tools in creation of the mode.
Killallhints - Removes all traces.
Help - Explain the action and the use of a command.
Exit - Exit Windows.
capturePlanetGIF - Save spinning GIF of the planet in the directory AnimatedAvatars.
freecam - Enable free camera mode.
help [command] - Explains action and usage of a command.
setConsequenceTrait - consequence trait Set.
SetTime [1-24] [0-59] - Set time of day in the position of the avatar.
toggleCaptureUI - Toggle display of user interface screenshots.
styleFilter-filmNoir - Change black and white background and creatures (1).
styleFilter-oilpaint - Change oil painting background and creatures (1).
stylefilter none - Reset view to normal.
styleFilter microscope - Microsoft visual style.
styleFilter-norainbows - No visual style rainbow.
styleFilter-NextGen - Next Generation visual style.
Killallhints - Removes all traces.
pauseUIVisible - Toggle pause frame drawing.
option - options from the list.
PROP - Display and modify properties.
clear - Clear console window.
levels - Level Cheats.
levels, unlock - unlock all stages.
- Commands in the history of the previous list.
Movie - Video cheat.
celleditor - Add extra pieces
blocksmode - Turns creatures into their block representations.
moreMoney + Up - Hold down and will have 99,999,999 sporebucks in no time!
spaceCreate + Up - Hold down and use will peak in no time!
evoadvantage - Enter this cheat when you start a new creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of your more evolved creatures.
Spore Creators:
From the main menu, start spinning the camera very quickly to the left after a
a few seconds while going at full speed, quickly rotate the right of the camera. A flash
going to happen, and after a few seconds to turn the camera right, stop turning the
camera. Pictures of people will start to turn on the screen.
Safety Data:
To ensure that safety data have not try to save when the computer is likely to turn
out or shutting down the computer, while saving or data will be crucial in danger
Creature phase:
First make a very powerful creature in the creator and the use of "freedom" to deceive the
that is as big and bad that you just want to type in the evolution evoadvantage
stage after going to land and mate, you'll be able to select your creature.
Tips demo version:
Open the cheat window, then type in capital letters "Partslot" and will have to
all parties as the full version. Note: This trick only works in trial
because if you do in the complete edition will be the trial edition of the album and everything.
Home Tribal stage with animals:
Before going into the tribal stage, get members of the other tribe in the backpack.
They will become pets.