Resident Evil 5, Best Horror Game

The heart of Africa:
There is a special treasure to be had in the fight with the head of Jill and Wesker. If
Wesker enough to beat the seven minutes you have to spare, the heart of Africa
treasure will appear between the two stairs on the lower level - behind where Jill
generated during the second half of the fight (and you can pick in the second half
too). A rocket in the face but Wesker's hair will do the trick (you have to shoot
the rocket with a rocket or a gun while he supports). Hide the end of a long
step after starting through the wall. Soon you will see on your map that is
hanging around, looking. Shoot with a rocket.
Rapid Recharge:
Displays the inventory and combine manually with his gun ammunition. This makes
weapons like the shotgun to reload faster than the normal method. You can also use
this trick when climbing stairs or jumping. Refill your melee weapon when the option appears.
Then start the sequence from body to body. His weapon will be reloaded instantly.
Picking a subject you can dodge an attack. This works best when surrounded by enemies.
Be above a point on the floor during recording. If you miss someone who manages you,
Just pick up the item. Your character will duck the attack and the enemy will be open for
a counter-attack. Kill him, stand on the falling object, and continue.
Unlimited Ammo:
To unlock unlimited ammo for a weapon, fully upgrade all of its attributes,
complete game (all chapters) and the possibility of buying through Exchange Points
Bonus features (so the only weapon).
Disposal of weapons in mercenaries mode:
In mercenary mode, drops of ammunition are based on the type of weapons they have.
Use this to your advantage to get rid of weapons that do not use. This makes it
dropped ammunition for other weapons. Example: To Wesker (Stars), the fall in
Samurai Edge Magnum to find more and shotgun ammunition.
Unlimited Ammo for all:
Once you unlock unlimited ammunition for a firearm, will be unlocked for all copies of that
weapon you have. Buy one for your partner so they can join the fun! Note: You
still have to fully update any additional weapons for maximum power.
BSAA Emblems:
Below is a list of how many BSAA emblems can be found in any other section contained in
game. There are thirty total emblems, and not every chapter has one.
Chapter 1-1 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 1-2 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 2-1 - 5 escudos
Chapter 2-2 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 2-3 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 3-1 - 4 Escudos
Chapter 3-2 - 2 Escudos
Chapter 3-3 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 4-1 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 4-2 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-1 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-2 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-3 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 6-1 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 6-2 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 6-3 - 0 Emblems
Hidden Dialogue:
If you wait long enough at the beginning of Chapter 1-1, before any
checkpoints, leading to a conversation between Chris and Sheva, which Chris
offers a scathing critique of the American dream.
Hidden Cutscene:
At the beginning of Chapter 1-1, in its first right just after construction and
you'll see a quick scene of a fellow officer in a unfortunate situation.
Easter Egg: The President:
Easter egg in this immensely stupid, Chris and Sheva can take a short break in a chair.
There are chairs in Chapter 5-3 (at the beginning of the chapter, the final measure of laboratory)
and Chapter 6-2 (captain seat). That's all.
Wesker's Dash Attack:
By using the unlockable character in Mercenaries Wesker, you can click on the Right
Analog Stick (sometimes called R3) to start a script. Press both triggers, while
running to make an attack of the knee. Warning: This move will drain your life meter, so
use it sparingly!
Train station: Majini hidden:
In the third level, find the last green portable toilet truck with
a cannon. Knock him to find a hidden Majini.
Play fast and easy:
Use the following trick to get a clear timetable for the whole game combined in children under five years
hours (to unlock unlimited ammo RPG). An easy way to do is play
under the Amateur difficulty setting and just run pass all the enemies. Just kill story-driven
enemies (those who have key cards or those that must be defeated to advance in the game). Also,
avoid any boxes, barrels, or treasures. Try this with a friend instead of the CPU --
Controlled Sheva recommended. Note: You need not buy into the infinite ammo
"Bonus Features" as you would for normal weapons.
Easy Final Boss Uroburos:
To make the final boss easier uroburos, upgrade all the way Lightning Hawk
and the purchase of unlimited ammo (15,000 points) fight and this uroburos
will be easier to fight with the LTD.