Resident Evil 2, Platinum Game Version

Hidden Film:
Some films may develop in the darkroom of the star office
on the desk in the far left as you walk inside. To find it, simply search
of the table around fifty times. Develop to see a photo of Rebecca
Chambers of the first Resident Evil game.
The enemies of detection:
To determine whether or not an enemy who can hear but can not see
(off screen), turn in the opposite direction to where the enemy can be, and click Target.
If there is a gift from the enemy, your character will turn around and aim in the direction
the enemy. If there is nothing there, your character will focus only on the direction you
face. This is also useful if you are not sure if a zombie is really down
Unlimited Ammo:
Press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [left] [right] [left] [right] [target] in
the weapon equip screen.
Super Strength:
For limited invulnerability, the combination of green, blue and red herbs in that order.
You should mix the herbs in that order, or not work.
Recharge faster:
When you have no ammunition in your gun, but some with you, go to item
menu and combine their ammunition with his weapon. Resume the game and the explosion
what they were shooting. This is best used when you are in a battle
with a powerful enemy or a group of the weakest, and when using a
slow recharge weapon like the shotgun.
Combination of Security:
The combination of safe at front desk bureau chief of police,
with all zombies, is 2236. Open it to find shotgun shells and a map.
Unlike the flag:
Go to the police station and entered the room where police have meetings,
and where you have to light the fire with the lighter to get the red
jewel. In the room where are the vending machines is a flag. This is an American
flag that is the reverse.
Decrease Rating:
If the development of two weapons slots, as the Machine Gun S. and Spark rifle shot (but not
Gatling machine gun, R. Launcher, and the gun found after completing the game) it
reduce its ranking on one level, no matter how fast you finish the game. Your
classification may also decrease if you are using first aid spray.
Mixed herb power-ups:
The power of grass-ups can be mixed with the "combine" command for a change, but
very beneficial results. This will also save storage space for holding puzzle
items. Here is a list of some herbal combinations and results:
1 green herb + 1 green herb = Total recovery of health
1 green herb + 1 blue herb = 20% recovery of health and the antidote
1 green herb + 1 red herb = Full recovery of health
1 green herb + 1 red herb + 1 blue herb (in that order) = cure-all
3 green herbs combined = Full health and more.
Colt S.A.A.:
Play as Claire and get the special key. Open the wardrobe in the dark room and get the
Colt S.A.A. and alternative equipment. The S.A.A. Colt uses regular cannonballs hand
and is powerful.