Network Configuration Workplace Allows Connection To Go Iphone


Good news, it turned out Iphone and Ipod Touch can run the unix server, it all means we can run the Iphone / Ipod Touch us to access the web browser, run the File Sharing, and can connect to a server from any computer. But keep in mind that most of the Cellular Service provider like AT & T using the firewal to restrict incoming connections through your phone you have, unless we use the wifi connection.
Early stage we must know our ip address, there are 2 kinds of ip address, ip address is static (unchanging) and dynamic (the IP always changing depending on the router as a computer network Boot Up). We need a router to connect to the Internet network. We have to use port forwarding to connect us with the network iphone. With Port Forwarding we can define the internal static IP address that the phone can be forwarded to the port services you want. After that we must choose the protocol which we will use, do not worry, we can open some port forwarding here, not just port 80, but we also can open port 22 if we want to ssh to access our phone.
We can maximize the function and Ipod Touch Iphone us through this router. Not only mmengakses Web, but several other features would be very helpful in the office we work through a network router. More complete article can be accessed at