Nascar Racing 3


Ultimate Win:
To win easily turn the hurt then put down the way around and put the
cars down. then you can go back and get the rest of the
field, then just finish the race and have no worries.
Odd number:
Create a new car or an antique painting. If you do the number "00" is
list of car numbers as 100.
Edit files:
Enter a folder on the track. There will be a text file for each track in the format
"trackname.txt. Open it with a text editor. Find the line that says "CARS".
Change the numbers 44. This will give you 43 cars, which is the maximum for
that track. You can now have 43 cars on each track. Also, if the two wells
on the track there will be a "hole" and "PIT2" entry. Review and
see a single digit number. Change these two lines in a 22. This
even to the pits for the track. If not, all the extra cars in the pits in
the well again. This makes your mouth nice, but can cause cars to the
Go to heaven to touch up. If a jam occurs, the race will never end.