Need for Speed - Most Wanted


Get the most money from selling your car:
When his safe house and a car is sold, you will only get half of its list value. However,
there is a loophole that works well for pink slips that has won and no longer want. Take
your car to the garage. Go to the parts area. Log in to the body kit, wing, hood, rims, and roof
air areas and set everything to stock. When you look, you will see anywhere from $ 1,000
$ 18,000, depending on what car you are removing pink slip. Do not try this with performance
parties. The shop charges you money for downgrading. Once you have stripped your car of all
accessories, visit. Then go to your safe house. Sell the car, and he has made a lot of
money on the side. Do this each time you intend to sell a car.
Ford GT 40 variations:
As soon as you unlock the Ford GT, go to "My Cars" and select it. Do not place any
Extra parts in the car. Go to "Visual", select "Vinyls", choose the stripe vinyls,
and collect Stripe 1. Keep both stripe colors white and select that vinyl. You must
Communication car looks exactly like the 2005 Ford GT 40, with double white
fat stripes, and borders on the side skirt of the words "Ford GT". For the
2002 Ford GT, the car must be black with two white stripes. For 2002 GT 40,
the car should goldenrod with two black stripes.
Blacklist cars:
If you win the car pinkslips a blacklist, you may want to use the Blacklist car
their own and make necessary improvements to performance, as most updates are
already been made by the Blacklist owner. You need not spend much money
to increase performance, handling, etc. Sometimes these cars will have improved
have not been released yet, but most of these are usually visual. Only do this
If the vehicle has won has better attributes than the one you are currently driving
in its standard mode. You can check this in the car shop. Keep about three to five
good quick cars in your safehouse.
Quick start:
Pay close attention to your tachometer when launching from the starting line. Grab a
perfect launch to gain precious seconds. When the needle turns blue drop
clutch and wait.
Test Car:
If you are unsure of what car is best to use when upgraded, you can update
all cars that are open for free on the menu. Home Go to "My Cars",
choose a car that is available, and update the parts that are available.
By doing this, you will not lose all your money in career mode.
Nitrous and grip:
Hitting nitrous pairs rear of the chassis, which the rear tires immensely more
weight under the new acceleration. The final effect is that you go straight.
If you find your tail sliding or are about to spin out of control, hit your
oxide. You will be surprised how quickly it's going straight back. This is the
a great trick in combination with Speedbreaker.
With the right time, there is no corner you can not take at any speed.
Avoid areas:
We have a good car and a good Nitro booster. Every time you see an SUV coming at
you, hit your nitrous and ram him head on. He should fly backward and explode,
giving $ 10,000.
Best performance of the car:
After getting your car upgraded with engines, suspension, brakes, etc., go to
"Performance Tuning". For better management of the Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette,
and Viper, set the "height" of his car to "-1". If you need more gripping power
or take the "high" to "-2" or set the aerodynamic "" a "1". If you go
overboard with the performance tuning options (anything past "3" or "-3")
the car handle worse.
Go to "My Cars". Choose one of their cars and go to "Performance."
Set "Ultimate Parts" on.
If you won the race further, put in Junkman parts.