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Luna Online Cheat Codes:
The best Magician:
Elves are better magicians because they have more INT and WIS.
Cure Poison:
When you are a magician does not buy the Cure Poison skill and waste of SP. For the
time monsters can poison you have to really be around level 35.
PK mode of advice:
PK mode lasts 20 minutes. And during the PK mode can not leave the
field or the session.
If you die in PK mode time is reduced by 10 minutes.
If someone you exit the mode PK PK.
Are you stuck? :
If nobody gives you missions try to do quests or kill
monsters. Somestimes you have to be a certain level to continue.
Changing jobs:
When you reach level 20 can be re Alker Harbor and talk to your
Master Class. They will give you a quest to go to the next class work.
Change of residence of data:
To change the details of your certificate of residence is an effective
theme store called "Green Card information for restoration of movement" can be purchased and used.
In level 24 you can get a search for Farouk to find a floating stone. After
He will finish four options for the wings.
The Blind Moon Swamp NPC will give you missions to kill Evil Lizard. But
there is a problem: no bloody lizard on the Moon Blind swamp! They
Lizardmen really mean Furious but for some reason they ask Damn Lizard.
At level 24 Farouk (Mage Alker Harbor Master Class) will give you a mission. After
complete you will have the option of going to 4 different people. After completing
your search to get their wings!
APN Wings
Triplets balloon - Piellanshar (Warhouse Manager)
Little Black Angel Wings - Earth (Rouge Union)
Airship - Tastartia (Materials Merchant)
Angel Wings - Cleria (Family Manager).
Holyove is a rare wand for level 51 +. It is worth at least 2,000,000 gold. Basilisks
a 0.1% chance of dropping it.
Standing and walking:
When you're walking, running, or flying open your inventory. If you have a blessed
(Crystal Blessed time or glass of the Blessed Pro), which are available from
playing the game a certain amount of time or kill a certain amount of monsters,
double-click it to open. Standing and slip through the area. This
It also works if you have a shop. If you open a glass while you stand
selling stuff.
Glowing Weapon:
Ever seen those people with shiny weapons and wants too?
The glow of the weapon determines how much will be delighted.
0: None
1: Nothing
2: Nothing
3: dim glow
4: a little brighter
5: Bright
6: Good Glowing
7: Super Glow
Statistics Jewel:
Wing Fairy - Speed of movement
Crystal Lightning Strike - Strike
Wind Crystal - Evasion
Litheon - Critical
Moonstone - Magic Attack
Argentum - Magic Defense
Orichulum - Physical Attack
Durelin - Physical Defense
Ruby - STR
Opal - VIT
Esmeralda - DEX
Aquamarine - INT
Sapphire - WIS
Mana Stone - Max MP
Heart of Stone - Max HP
Mind Stone - MP Regeneration
Life Stone - HP Regeneration