Funky Truck 4WD


Easy points:
After obtaining the star at the end of each level, you have a few seconds before
loading the next level. Use that time to land a few somersaults or to add frontflips
to his score.
Steep hills
When there is an edge of the cliff, get your front wheel and the 4WD will
the rest. Speed by steep hills. Usually there will be a big hill in front of
you have to jump over.
If you are leaning backwards, then drive in reverse. This levels out and
vice versa.
When leaving a jump very high and can not see any reason to lean back
slightly to around 45 degrees. This usually can prevent tipping
forward on a hill in the landing.
If your vehicle is in motion, press both [Down] + [Right] or [Up] + [Left]. This
will help to return to their wheels, but not go too far.