Fifa 10


Beating legendary goalkeeper:
Getting beyond a Worldclass or legendary goalkeeper is always difficult. He will block most
shots, chip shots. However, you can easily deceive with finesse shot. when it is running the gk
to you or to keep calm, simply press the direction of the office (where you want to check)
and (hold Q) + D.
Trophies Entry Location:
A Star Is Born (Bronze) - Create a virtual Pro
Always available (Silver) - Complete a seaon in Be A Pro: Seasons, without simming a game
Around the World (Bronze) - Play a game with a team from each league
Camera Man (Bronze) - Upload a video to EA Sports Football World
Defying the List (Silver) - Complete a Manager Mode season without simming a game
Clmbing the stairs (Silver) - promotions straight victory with the same team in Manager Mode
Upset Cup (Bronze) - win a 16-team tournament with a 1 star team to play in
Professional or higher difficulty
Double Campos (Silver) - Win consecutive league titles at any level higher than the League in
Manager Mode
Place (Gold) - will become manager of 5 stars
Experimental (Bronze) - Play 5 consecutive online ranked matches Head to Head by
a different team
Football Legend (Platinum) - Unlock all the other trophies (excluding additional content
Globetrotter (Silver) - Win Titles in the 5 major European leagues (England, France,
Italy, Germany and Spain)
Fitness (Bronze) - Play 5 consecutive online ranked matches Head to Head
without losing
Good Friend (Bronze) - Create a target for a friend with a cross
Grind it Out (Bronze) - Win a match with 10 men online or playing in professional
difficulty or higher
Hard-earned Win (Bronze) - Beat 5 star with a team of 1 / 2 star selection online or playing
Professional or higher Diffculty
The limited resources (silver) - Winning a League or Cup mode Team Manager with a 1 star or less
Looking Good (Bronze) - Download the Game Face of EA SPORTS Football World
Loitering (Bronze) - Score 25 points and win 5 badges in a single party lounge mode
No Pressure (Silver) - Board of achieving 100% confidence in any club in Manager Mode
Outside Wood (Bronze) - Score against the post or crossbar in a game
Phoenix from the ashes (Bronze) - Making a team of 5 stars in a team of 2 stars or less than 5
seasons in Manager Mode
Photographer (Bronze) - Upload a screenshot EA SPORTS Football World
Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze) - Work on your skills in Practice Mode
Real Fan (Silver) - Play more than fifty hours
Anyone recognize? (Bronze) - Download Game Club member faces the EA SPORTS football
Shooting Boots (Bronze) - Score 5 goals in 1 shot-on Arena
Qualified Pro (Silver) - Unlock 100 EA SPORTS World Cup with his achievements
Virtual Pro
Team Player (Silver) - Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players)
The acute (Gold) - Earn 3 trophies in Manager Mode Season 1
Theater of Dreams (Bronze) - Update your stadium manager to level 10
Ton Up (Gold) - Win 100 ranked matches online Classic
Top of the league? (Bronze) - Win a match in the League Friends
Total Control (Bronze) - Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be
Underdog (Bronze) - Earn a head to head online ranked match with a weaker team
your opponent
Traveled (Bronze) - Win a match at every stadium
Wheeler Dealer (Bronze) - Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career
Window Shopping (Bronze) - Visit Store FIFA 10