How to get a full server:
First press on the keyboard or UR tab and you will see a yellow box.Then Use
arrow keys to get on the server you want, and click or enter.
Fantage without shoes:
FantAge ulockable - Gem combos:
Thouse of us who play this game for any time Lanthan as non -
Dressed in gold - 3 rare gems and 2 rare gems 1kinda rare gem
How to get on the balcony in the Casla:
Ok to go to the caslte and you see a lamp (front left one by one
the bank) and then click it.Then click the balcony thats close
to it.
You must have the team dance party (any)
1. Go to your inventory and put in any set of dance
2. x is
3. Open your inventory again
4. Put shoes in anything exept
5. You do not have shoes