Faces Of War

The control groups easily:
Use the following trick if you do not like the missions you have to take
control of all men in the field. Place all his men in a group. If
have a group of men make as many groups as necessary. Keep the person you want
control groups. Turn all the tabs at the interface of soldiers to the
left (for example, "Free Move", "Open Fire", etc.).
Take your men around the battle and select "dismantle" (the button with four small
triangles). View as soldiers his men to be working
UNITS invincible
Look for "game.pak" in "action" game folder in the game directory:
(Path: C: \ Program Files \ Ubisoft \ Faces of War \ resource) and use Winrar to open
Excerpt from "tactis.dl", "normal.dl", "hard.dl", "easy.dl" files in the
"difficulty" in the folder "set" folder on the desktop.
Use a text editor to edit the extracted files.
Change the values of "ally" of each file as follows:
health_increase 40
Health 40
Save the files and add them to game.pak "file with Winrar:
add the "set" folder that contains the "difficulty" of the folder and add the 4 files
archiving. [file format: zip].
When launching the game of the units will be invincible.