Fable - The Lost Chapters

Darkwood Lake: Easy sex:
Go to the Darkwood Bordello with a spade. Dig up the deed to the bordello under the tree
left the first time you enter the zone. You are now the masters of their own brothel.
Talk with any of the prostitutes and have sex with you for free. Note: This
only the work, provided they are not engaged in the brothel at a house for fallen girls.
Easy kills:
This trick requires that you have maximized the Fireball skill. You can press [Shift] and
click the fireball. Wait until it reaches maximum strength. Once it touches the ground
blows up, knocking down targets and kill them. Then go to the desired goal. When
see highlighted in blue, let it go to the target. It will hit the ground, killing the
guards. You will not receive warnings or have to pay fines. If you do this to a person,
Be careful, nce killed, his house is available for purchase.
Oakvale: Easy money and early higher skill:
Go to Oakvale and buy every emerald in the shop. Look next delivery and sleep
the amount of time required for the store to restock. Keep doing this until you have about
90 emeralds. Note: Be sure to buy all the emeralds in stock at a time, so you
buy for less gold pieces. Once you have 90 emeralds, sell them to the store, then purchase
again .. You should be able to resell for much more than you bought them for.
It is possible to get 1,000,000 gold pieces in ten minutes. This also gives a lot of
Getting Away With Murder:
At night, hidden in someone's house (not slash the door). Either pick the lock or go
in the evening before the closing of the doors. Enter and kill the people who live there when no one
looking, except them. Quickly kill them and run out of the house. No charge
murder and will be able to buy the house. This will not work at all times. If
caught, either reload the game or use your guild Seal and teleport away.
Robo easy:
To steal anything in most shops, get a lot of beer from the tavern. Give the shop
the owner wants to steal. It usually takes about three or four beers to keep
drunk. When they babble and balancing them out of the store. Now is
not steal anything desired while the shopkeeper wanders. Be aware of your
environment, some people may walk through if you are attracted. They will stay
drunk for about three or four minutes, giving enough time to pillage.