Drag Racer V3


More money:
If you want to put more money to gamble in 2765 and the race against the Lexus IS300 and
Get over 1600.
Get Lamborghini Murcielago tuning SVA put all her career rose Ferrari F50
put away in 2000 and put 29,999 bet and win will get 29,999 credits Ferrari
Awesome color:
To make a really good go first color paint to put on the body paint and then type in the
Red Box 10000000, in the green box type 1e 15, then the type of blue 0 (you have to write
Color smart:
Using the "unclepeanuts traps. Buy a toyota supra and into the white paint out of the car
but in the blue bar.
Type box of 2100 black line on the car will become blue.
You can use this for any colout or car.
Good speed:
Buy a new car, then get the McLaren F1. You have enough money to total money parts.
Always get a new engine in the first place. Check your calculator computer, and then make the track and make a
tournament with his new car. To win a lot of money.