Facebook - Restaurant City

Get $ 2000 in one hour:
* To do this first you have to have a staff of 4.
* Next you have to put the rest everyne except two
(make 1 cook and 1 waiter - both must be over a hundred of energy).
* You must again have its population to 30.0 years.
* Save and return in an hour.
* Repeat with the other 2.
* Repeat this trick again and 5 hours will be over $ 10,000.
* You can not be you, but their points of gourmet a quick way to get money.
More money:
-Si you have the door (out the door) to sell, but never sell your (inner door).
-In one days 2.5 tree / s in the restaurant give you coins when you click 1 coin in
1 tree.
-Thinking whether to close the restaurant before leaving her answer is
CLOSE NO NO do you only lose 2.4 popularity of his restaurant before
let out to their workers receive 90.00% or + energy, so will 2000
when they feed back a sandwich because they have 0.00% of energy if
you have 8 workers to earn 400 after eating all their workers.