Warfare 1944 PC Game

Big Army:
when the main menu go to custom battle. Click shooters, team Assult, gun
team, then bazooka, a mortar. make points of resources 2000. Launch of the battle in a NO
meet the battlefield battlefield and send all their men in the middle. send occasionally
U with an army reinforcements and invincible!
Easy kills (most of the time):
First fill your whole bunker with rifle men. Then, after the enemy comes to your
trench for all shooters to fire at the same time! works only for the trenches.
Undefined Mission:
First, immediately, "a custom game, click and immediately start the mission
(Does not comply with a custom battle). As soon as the battle begins personalized, fast output
the main menu.
When the main menu to start a campaign for allies, and the mission will be "indefinite."
Avoid air strike:
When the other team to send an air strike that putt and wait for the menu sound
wait 25-30 seconds and the bullets dont come and attack the soldier is not dead.