Wolfenstein Game


Wolfenstein Game Full Tips:
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock the following tricks.
The use of these achievements and trophies are disabled. Access the menu by pressing tricks
"ESC" -> Options -> Game Options -> Menu tricks.
* Pumpkin Heads (heads back to the enemy in pumpkin orange)
* Unlock all weapons
* Unlock all Powers Veil
* Infinite Money
The heavy defeat of the Nazis:
Without being able to easily kill Nazis Miri heavy particles with guns. Try the red targets
on their shoulders. After both of them are destroyed, another target will appear on your
back. Shoot to kill.
Free Skills:
Collect power last took to get all the skills of each power. This can save up to
as $ 17,000 because they were not buying them.
Boss tips:
* For the first part, using Empower to get through his shield. Explosives used - the Panzer
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher and the blue veil.
* For the second part can use slow motion or Empower once again to strike.
* For the third part, does not remain at the top of the ramp. Snipe him with a sniper rifle or the Rocket Launcher.
What slowly. Once you reach the part you need to climb stairs, a weapon list
to kill large numbers of these things on 4 legs (which they call "crawlers MS). There are 4 waves
them. Then simply shoot until fall.
* For the quarter, hitting just one shot at this point because it will not power ups. Use
explosives to stop it quickly.
The names of the article:
Use one of the entries with the "Spawn" code.
ammo_flame (ammunition Flammenwerfer)
ammo_lf44 (Leichenfaust guns ammunition 44)
ammo_mauser (Mauser ammunition)
ammo_mdl24 (ammunition MDL24)
ammo_mp40 AMMO (MP40)
ammo_mp43 AMMO (MP43)
ammo_panzer AMMO (Panzer)
ammo_particle_cannon (particle gun ammunition)
ammo_shroud AMMO (shroud)
ammo_tesla AMMO (Tesla)
weapon_flammenwerfer (flamethrower)
weapon_grenade (grenade MDL.24)
weapon_lf44 (Leichenfaust 44 guns)
weapon_mauser98 (Kar98 Bolt Action Rifle)
weapon_panzerschreck (launcher)
weapon_plasma_cannon (particle gun)
Note: Some of ammunition to call work codes so inconsistent, in particular:
ammo_panzer, ammo_flame and ammo_shroud. Sometimes the above subject generates
but in some maps a message to the console window as the following text.
When this happens, simply produce the weapon in question and also provide
gave rise to the entity 'idItem_ammo_shroud_1309'
gave rise to the entity 'idItem_ammo_flame_281'
gave rise to the entity 'idItem_ammo_panzer_288'
The names of characters:
Use one of the entries with the spawn code. Note: The spawn a character
not normally exist in the current map can be block the game.
Name Effect :
Blonde Elite Guard with a dagger - Spawn enemies_elite_guard
Elite Guard brunette with a whip - Spawn enemies_elite_guard_02
Trooper thrower - Spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooper
Friendly Kreisau soldier with a submachine gun MP40 - Spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01
Green naked - Spawn enemies_despoiled_green
Heavy Trooper - Spawn enemies_ak_heavy_trooper
Network naked - Spawn enemies_despoiled_red
Rocket Trooper with Jetpack - Spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooper
Scribe - Spawn enemies_scribe
Sniffer - Spawn enemies_sniffer
Journal of the Wehrmacht with a submachine gun MP40 - Spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officer
Wehrmacht sniper with a sniper rifle - Spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniper
Wehrmacht soldier with a rifle Kar98 - Spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry
Wehrmacht soldier with an MP40 submachine gun - Spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40
Alter - Spawn enemies_altered
Build a Killer - Spawn enemies_ak_assassin
Build the SS officer with a MP43 assault rifle - Spawn enemies_SS_officer
Build the SS soldier with an MP43 assault rifle - Spawn enemies_SS_sentry
Build a friendly Erik Engle MP40 submachine gun - Spawn allies_kreisau_erik