Wizard 101 Game


Easy Gold, Pets, and powerful material:
Now if you want something gold real easy, go to the tower and each time Mr Solanaceae desire
get at least 30-90 gold depending on how the defeat him.Now pets if you want [any]
You can go to fairegrounds and win a game very well and you win a pet or
can turn and defeat the ends pets.Now especially for teams who have to go and do
heads of missions or defeat, but personally, you must subscribe to me.Now to help achieve these
things come to me, my name is Wolf im FROSTBLOOD generally moshoo or krokotopia bad times
wandering in the Commons, but in general I hope some little help!
Walking through walls:
The Firecat Alley Opens friends menu. Then talk to Shellus Gruffheart. Then quickly
teleporting to a friend online. then trade with this quickly.Then friend went to Triton Avenue,
20 ghost and kill things *. You are here a slight noise, then you will be able to walk through
Become your pet:
You must have a pet with you and a friend who is in the area, it may take a few Trys but
work. First you have to be any after teleporting to his friend Zeke thenvery press x fast
on your keyboard and watch out next to your articles articles and Zeke is your pet
remember it will take a few Trys to work but does.
Saving and using XP:
Ok firstly, I suggest you keep all the more difficult missions, and missions have easy first.
because in defeating a ploranera scarlet, fodder or rotten, or any number of monsters that could
lose. thus saving all the missions and make the difficult easier. after finishing all the missions easy
make hard. If you have no missions, and go talk to someone, give you a lame
search. dicline and click if you do not want to do it. (I'm saying that because you can not refuse
go to certain areas without subscribtion) I'm at level 12 / Health: 1255 / mana: 104. thanks for
reading and please follow this code of tricks.
Getting to the Kraken:
Getting to the Kraken if you can not reach the Kraken cleck only has a player and a
friend of them and only go to them or if you have a friend who asks if they can go inther
go to the kraken just go after them when they get there, or simply complete the research
Filosol sohomer fun battleing the Kraken.
Making treasure cards in battle:
When you're in a battle and have your card on your mall treasure of spell and they do not
card treasure drag right more times then click Drawing and must show
Treasure cards are not sure if your roof if you are at your mall but they are not
I therefore do it again.
How to level up easily:
If you want to level up easily, you must have a friend who is, at least in Mooshu World (Fourth)
I have completed the fields Crimson. You go first friend, the port for him, complete missions,
Depending on your level, I guantee least 1 / 12 levels. if an when you do, youll be
around 12, if not more.
Heres how you get to the cave behind the waterfall
you need to research a particular master chief and asked to go to the next night
(the next night is behing the waterfall) and you will find this girl and talk to her and
give you another quest to defeat a type called Grubb and do it. (its time to three hours
search based on how many people you have. I would recommend to four people) after starting --
youll have to spend a maze with about five heads and you must try not to enter
in the battles (if it takes a long time) after the killing there will be no fifth
your name is Grubb's no end to it takes a while to kill him to ensure they have
a lot of mana and health.