Toontown Online


When you're doing something you might want to remember, press [F9] to
make a screenshot. It may not be stored in the folder of Toontown. For example,
the defeat of a building were inside zipper and this building to see the photo of his battalion.
Have all the toons who helped defeat this gear standing in front of his building
own image. Hit [F9] to take a screenshot.
Reverse Controls:
In his wealth went to the lake you can fish from. You should see a little
sewage as an object that is connected to the lagoon. If you look right
toward the stream, you should see an equal. Skip to this other,
and the controls while it means: it is even backwards, and
down is forward.
Excitement Exclusive:
Go to bottom Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. Near the end of the street is a
building called "Talking in Your Sleep Train voice. Voice in and up
the Secretary. Speedchat say the phrase, "Want to help?". The Secretary
brings a new emotion in your list of emotions called "Resistance Salute".
When used, your battalion jump into the air and say "Toons of the world, unite!".
Note: This stays with his battalion at all times, just like any other emotion. That
will not be with all the toons on your account. You must take other battalions that
the same building and repeat.
Go through the wall:
Occasionally while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball
Stadium, just after hitting the Turbo (red arrows on the track) and crashed against the wall.
Your car travels through it.
The strategies of play:
The Pinon: Teeth are evil robots created by Scrooge McDuck. They come in all
various sizes. They can not take a joke, so to defeat, or need to use
The special called gags to defeat. Each gag track has a special use.
The "Toon Up" gag healthy subject other battalions that have been beaten by gears.
Trap drops the gears somewhere where they fall.
The "Skiing" theme bait teeth without getting hit for many rounds or
fall into a trap. Throw & Squirt are thrown and poured in gear. Sound
makes noise in the gears to be so annoying that erupted. Drop, has gags
that the fall in the gears. This is a very powerful, but misses often.
Now you need to learn about "points of time," a piece taken away from you.
And yes, with gags, too! So always be careful
in battle gear because you do not saddened.
What you do is follow what the other battalions. Using
A gag is a mess that we are trying to do all that gear
only battle going for you. So it's best to move forward.
Unless you can take to battle.They CL 'should follow after you.
Now, just a little trick to help encourage other battalions battle gear:
go to pajama place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep:
Trained voice, "No, should read 'Want to help?" to
employee of the shop and it gives you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence
Salute. There, you can tell other Toons battalions' of the world, unite! "
None of attack:
When fighting a group of teeth (four), may attack anything. Because shooting
gags are used first, gives a Toon attack a piece with a powerful enough gag
to destroy completely the CoG. Has you or another Toon use
Racing attack that same Cog. Make sure you are using another Toon Squirt
on a separate piece, so it should be as follows: one Toon's with a shot
gag, another is using the rays of the same gear, and another is using jets
in a different piece. See how it plays out. The Toon with throw will destroy
Cog only first. Then you will jet, but the battalion that
attacking the same Cog Squirt use anything while the other uses of Squirt
Cog to others. The CoG was already destroyed is still gone, but not
are explosions as if it was destroyed. This can still afford to win
Enter abyss:
Go to your room at home. The angle of the squad that faces the wall. Use
, And cancel immediately. Now is a endless abyss. To exit,
into a wall of his home, teleporting or using the book shticker.
Float press [Ctrl].
Floating toon:
In the CFO battle, if it wins its next wave of teeth first, look around
Room. Go to the next room with the lift that came across a
and jump near the elevator. His battalion afloat in the small area next to
the lift.
Get the resistance emotion. Use then used while before land keep
[Registration]. Now going to float to the ground. You can use [Left] or [right], but
Waves of water:
Go home and use the "Go behind house" fails. Once there, try to buy
A small carpet / It's small and red. Put it outside his house. Note
that gravity is still valid when jumps on the carpet. Skip to the carpet, and the
the top of her jump out over the carpet. You will be floating higher
than usual. Open and close the book Shticker. You begin to move downwards.
Do this at least twice, and you will be below the normal level walking.
When you move, waves of water form on top of you.
Note: To return only through the floor of your home.