The Golden Compass

Bears ARMOR:
After having chased the boy and he tells how to get the docks, go there.
Collect the marbles after the forward beam of the wall. Go to the road and go to
The End. You must go to the end of the beam. Do not jump when the action of light
appears first, but go all the way until the end of the beam or
fall into the water. After I have always gone to train your intuition to see
Where next hop. Use the form of laziness. When land in the box, turn back to
left and proceed to the next lazy swing, which leads to the next level
above. Collect all items. Use your knowledge about the two birds before too
close and far flying. Bird lazy to use the forms or jump to the column.
Using the form of birds can be controlled in which the land easier. At
the second pillar you can jump to collect the items left bu
Crate in the box or just going from the second pillar and then changing
The lazy way to. Use Insight to see where the next hop. Coming out of laziness
swing that will land on a beam and a second click to go to the other side of the past
one. Exit the train at the second beam. Go to end of train
Crane. Collect the marbles. Please get on the train, use the form Perez, and jump
in the box. Use Insight to Swing laziness. Go to swing towards laziness
water and the boat went flat. Then go to box up to the cat box
Rise. This may be difficult, go to The Edge of each box and wait until
fleet into the box below. It may not seem much, but if you lose
are not careful. Climb the cat, go back and collect the last orb, then go
left to collect the other three. Slowly lower wheres orb past was localized
then drop to another bar balance. Go to the end of the beam, jump and collect
Three rounds of training behind. Go to the building and collect the item behind
the train left. Go to the area where you can see a train in the water and
go down. Get in the box, then go to lazy to swing the first train.
Skip to the right to laziness and swing to address a roof. Skip down to
Past topics of the second train. Then the train back to water. Sprungmarken
New in the last train. Skip to the box and walk on board. PA gnawa to via
The rope then you need to jump from one box to another. Sinks, MUST
fast. Use the form of a bird box and slide the next quickly, as the pools
otherwise it will sink. You will end up in another dock. It is quite easy after
it. Collect items to box and train. Fight the guards. Collect
more items. You should distract the guard in the courtyard. They released a theme at the show.
Go to court. The guard did not bothered. Collect items you want.
Climb to the top of the building.