The Catacomb Abyss

The Catacomb AbyssStrange Level:
Enabling the "warp" level code to display the selector level (1-18).
Type "20" for an unusual level with the tiles of the previous
levels. All exits lead to a level.
The defeat of Nemesis:
After killing all the demons, heal your event to full health. When
Nemesis appears, hold [Super Zapper] + [Cure]. You must have a
Wrestling fast and smooth that lasts about six seconds.
The defeat of demons Network:
Struck once with a Super Zapper.
At any time during playback press [F10] and the following
keys for different effects.
Effect number
Level warp W
Freezing monsters Z
Additional items that
G God Mode
Skip to Level I
Or Top view
Q Quit the game
Watch ICT T
V. Show A number
The memory usage See M
Scroll [Scroll Issue 1-8]