The Last Stand 2

Winning is easy:
First, in the first village, go to the Sherrif then you get the revolver 357.
If r done with the first city, do not leave first! Get the supplies you can and if
you have around 5-8 supplies that would be able to bypass the cities. (Note: do not go to the 3rd or d '
the city with nearly 1000 + Popp, probably because I find zombies with weapons or
corridors. Try to get the shotgun or serrated. and the game should be easy for you. or treating of
get the RPG, or when you can not get through 2 villages near the town of Union. mostly do not use the M4A1
If you have not got an AK-47. (Note: Uzi is stronger than the m4) The serrated and shotgun are both
the best partners. Here are some partners more gun:
RPG and M4A1
AK and M4A1
pistol and revolver (for the first city)
Uz1 and m4/ak
UMP and chainsaws
hunting rifle and revolver
and serrated hunting rifle
Choose the chainsaws as main weapon and the revolver as the backup then click
"OK" and when the screen is black Swithes the revolver and then have
50 ammunition in it.
Shotgun Automatic
If you use a machine gun, hold [Shoot] and switch weapons. Now take
a machine gun. This is useful when you're in trouble.
When you have more ammunition for the shotgun, reload (R), then press [Esc].
His character is still reloads the gun, while zombies are paused.
Hit [Esc] to resume play when the load is done.
While in the pause menu after killing a few zombies pressing F4 and ATL together to achieve
infinate ammo for the entire game and this level of invincibility. is sweet, reminds
Hold down Alt and F4 at the same time.
This trick gets limited ammunition and illegal • invicibility. first enter the game. After killing a few zombies, hit escape to get to the pause menu. here is what makes, hold high to low for 3-5 seconds then, while keeping ALT, press F4. • illegal ammunition that gets limited invicibility.