Bloons Tower Defense

Getting started:
To get started 5 Upgrade monkey towers with a range of extras and darts and get Pierce
Update 2 course until you have 7000 towers monkey money, buy sell 2 towers tactics
super monkey 1 on each side and wide update, then 4 towers not lose direction should be
on level 42 and get 1 more level of Super Monkey useful urade 50, finally, but unfortunately
your game is over you can try a different position of the army and in general will change
Peacy Easy:
Place your super monkey in the middle range with additional and much use and many
the strikeout.
Cheat Codes:
All you have to do is buy as many dart monkeys and do everything you can
them "piercing darts" and "long range darts and then the entire package
Enterance and none have get through.
All you have to do is put a load of bombs and towers of monkeys in the first
and then just turn around with the monkeys and then save for a super
monkey. And BTW level 50 with 40 lives Super Monkey 1, 2 towers of direction (either
diluents of the crowd), 10 towers, cannon, and 40 monkeys.
Dont buy freeze towers and DTG 2 is the most difficult.
For the first few levels, get enough money to build 4 / 5 at Dart Towers'
middle of the screen between two paths. Do not buy anything or update
anything else. After you have 4 / 5 Dart Towers in the center of the screen,
updated with each update Piercing Darts. Once that is done, the upgrade
each with long-range upgrading of Darts. Since then, whenever it receives
enough money, buy a Dart tower and put it into any corner of a road.
Then upgrade again with the Darts belly first and then update the long
Darts Range SECOND update. Keep doing this until there are about 10 Dart Towers
screen (5 center, 5 at the corners of roads).
After that, start shopping Tack Torres and left corners of the roads.
After purchasing one, do not buy another immediately. First upgrade to
The update faster shooting and after the upgrade, additional strikeout Range. Make sure
to improve in order to tell you whether or not you have a chance of winning.
- never buy a pump or ice Towers. --
Ice Tower bloons not destroy any at all. It is a complete loss of their
time. Incendiary Towers too slowly and not destroy black bloons, those
have problems with most levels later. When about 10
Torres Torres Tack Dart 10 established positions that I said to another
them, start saving cash for the Super Monkey. Will buy it for $ 4000,
but if you have done what I said above, can easily pass
10-15 levels and get the cash you need to buy it. The Super Monkey is awesome.
Remember to put the center of the screen (one of the first dart venda
Towers built in the center of the screen if it has enough space for
Place the Super Monkey). From there, it's a piece of cake. Just let the Super
Monkey do all the work for you and once you have enough money to buy more Super
Generation 5 towers monkey in good place, the upgrade before buying new ones
after hitting a two-strikeout towers in the original path
if you need add-monkeys
, Then when you have nearly 3000
buy-and supermonkey
-supermonkey continue, unless
fuck-sell more, buy more supermonkey