Gain levels:
In the first scene, when you're getting the tour with the robot scrap followed
all the way to the small campsite with the car next to the lift
burning tires. Collect the loot (weapons, money) on the road and kill all
boys. Once everyone is dead, simply pause the game and had to leave. You save
(level and character of the booty) and start from the beginning to load the game.
You can repeat this operation as many times as you like!
Unlock Secrets :
Paid in Fyrestone (5 points) - Complete 5 missions to the arid Badlands.
Made in Fyrestone (15 points) - Complete all missions in the arid Badlands.
Paid in New Haven (10 points) - Complete 5 missions on the idea Rust.
Made in New Haven (20 points) - Complete all missions to the idea Rust.
McSpeederton Speedy (10 points) - race around the Speedway in under 31 seconds ridiculous.
¿Flames this archeology? - Apply a basic device.
Ding! Newbie (5 points) - Win level 5.
Ding! Novell (10 points) - Win 10 level.
Ding! (Expert 20 points) - Win level 20.
Ding! (Hardcore 30 points) - Win level 30.
Ding! Sleepless (40 points) - Win level 40.
Gully discovered Skagen - Skagen Discover Gully.
House discovered security Sledge - Sledge Discover Safe House.
Headstone Mine Discovered - Discover Headstone Mine.
Discovery Coast Trash - Trash Discover Costa.
Discovered scrapping - Discover scrapping.
Krom's Discovery Canyon - Canyon's Discover Krom.
Discovered Eridian promontory - Discover Eridian promontory.
Ding! Champion (50 points) - Win level 50.
Pandora-millionaire dog - Earn $ 1,000,000.
(Near 25 points) - venda 50 firearms in a store.
Duel-icious - Win a duel against another player.
With LF Healer (25 points) - to rescue a groupmate death in a co-op game.
Amateur weapon (20 points) - Reach Level 10 competition with any weapon.
Duelinator (35 points) - Win a game without damage.
Facemelter (25 points) - Kill 25 enemies with weapons corrosive.
1.21 gigawatts (25 points) - Kill 25 enemies with weapons of shock.
Pyro (25 points) - Kill 25 enemies with incendiary weapons.
Exploded Master (15 points) - Kill 25 enemies with explosive weapons.
Fully Loaded (10 points) - Rescue Claptraps enough to win 42 inventory slots.
Truly Outrageous (15 points) - Kill an enemy with the capacity to act siren.
Care, bites (15 points) - Kill 15 enemies with a skill Action Hunter.
Reckless Abandon (15 points) - Kill 15 enemies with a Berserker skill action.
Given! (15 points) - Kill 15 enemies with a soldier's ability of action.
Fast Update:
View the animation recharge. As soon as the cartridge is removed (or rounds are
inserted), make a close combat weapon and finish the load. Do this to save time and
possibly his life.
Sites drivel:
The Claptraps can be found at the following locations:
1. Home Security Sledge
2. The Lost Cave
3. New Haven
4. Tetanus Warren
5. Junkyards of Earl's
6. Canyon Krom
7. Old Haven
8. Coast rubbish
9. The Salar
10. Crimson Strength
The critical times:
It is important to try to get critical about the beatings because they kill the enemies faster and get
Additional XP. To achieve a critical hit on a man, shot in the head. Using a sniper
Rifle, usually kill instantly. For a Skagen, burning his face when his mouth
is open. This varies depending on the type. For the young, while shooting at you roar.
For adults, quickly jump while you shoot. For Spitters, shot in the mouth
while the shells are fired in poison you. The critical times are the easiest to close
with a shotgun or dispersed.
Savepoint using the alternative:
An effective, but annoying way of storing your extra magic to create an alternate character
that is only for the celebration of its bonus material. Simply create a new character, load a game co-op
So with his main character and his new level 1 of the source and give them the items you want
put up. Go back to level 1 of the source and give the items back to your main character
when you need them. This can be very handy when you find weapons and items that are above
level, or saved to the character of a friend.
Duplicate items:
To make a copy of any article you need a partner for cooperation in a multiplayer game. Simply
Give what you want to back down, leaving the game without saving, leaving
taken by his friend free. Once again, take your copy of the weapons yet,
and your friends can hand the other. This works on all weapons, shields, and mods of class
It can be done as often as necessary.
Easy escape after defeating Sledge:
Having defeated Sledge (and picked up the device), exit and save the game. When
start new game you start to point saved in the very beginning of the
mission. So you should not go back on its feet and save yourself a lot of ammunition too.
Berserker Speed Exploit:
Make sure you're in a fight over an enemy and your health is very low
(10-20). Turn right before entering Berserker Fight For Your Life! Mode, then kill
someone to win a second air. If successful, you should be able to run as fast as
Note: you are not
able to use Sprint for this, but why do you need anyway?
Activation Berserker their way back and finish it, or die, canceling the effect.
Space additional element:
Create a new "bank" character for use in co-op mode. When you want to store an item, begin
Co-op game with your main character and the "bank" character. The elements of transfer
stored in the bank's "character" until you need them, then transfer back.