Blackstone Chronicles

Unlimited Gold:
This procedure involves editing a game file create a backup
copy of the file before. Use a text editor to edit the
"sebinfo.txt" file in the saved game folder. Edit line 11 to alter
amount of gold available in the saved game.
Start the Powerball game with command line parameter.
In the cellar of the game [Backspace] and
[E] - By the end of the next level
[F] - Coordinates
[G] - Toggle godmode
[S] - Slow motion
[W] - Level warp
Hidden records of patients:
Start a new game. Up the stairs and walk to the left
and enter the office. Find the password of the computer,
then use it to access patient records.
Enter "John Saul (author of the book) as a name to see
some patient information humorous.