Easy Money:
1-lvl Find a great salon that doesn't have a password, or U NOE
password 2.
2-Do not try 2 Die, struggle, or as u can and will get a lot of money.
3-Make sure your teammates dont ur usual or die or get ur money!
4-Go to buy things!
5-steps Rrepeat 1-5.
See life viruses:
Type in a game (not the hallway or a room) / monsterinfo the viruses
life should now appear on the right side of the screen.
First go to training camp, killing all monsters except BubbleBoy. Then
Go to the top level until you reach a wall, you will go to via
the wall in a world of darkness. to fight (A) A level of 50 or BubbleBoy
(B) a icekong you must go to the right and top to kill BubbleBoy were even more
to fight the ice Kong, your reward is an ice cream trans Kong.