Airline Tycoon Game

Easy Money:
Go to the bank every so often. In doing so, take note of the trash
half of the table. From time to time there will be various sums of money there.
You can receive between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000,000. If it is out already, buy
Boeing 777-300 U.S. $ 30,000,000. After purchasing these aircraft, they do nothing for them.
Go to the Museum and the offer to sell the 777 on the same day. Commissioner
$ 41,000,000 to buy planes, which results in a gain of $ 11,000,000. He
always offer this price for a new Boeing 777. Note: You can modify the
777 you're planning to sell.
Go to the bank at any time of day. Go to Madame Loan. Enabling nodebts
code if you have any, then ask for a loan. For example, if you already
has $ 900 million, then the loan will probably be between $ 300 425 million dollars
dollars at a time after the loan is completed. Enabling the code nodebts then
get another loan. After a while the lady was on loan angry. When Belinda
(his secretary) said that the bank is making a bankruptcy proceeding, allowing the
nodebts code and ignore it. Then again the next day.
Unlimited Money:
Richman Type a word and you have unlimited money.
Visit the Rick's Cafe on the main floor of pointers. Rick will
tips on where to take a cell phone and the best place to gather
until further notice.
The Duty Free Shop is your best friend. There are many articles
venda that could allow work anywhere in the airport,
saving you the trip back and forth to the office. Check it out.
On the second level, buy the box of the violin. Then go to the airibair
site and click on the logo violin in the background. He will thank you
you and ask you to press the fire hydrant near the building.
Inside there is a secret weapon shop.
Unlimited sabotage competitors UR:
Here comes the clever trick to sabotage competitors UR only
get a spider on Travelagent (T). While U hold, or may
sabotage ur competitors by going to the PetrolairBackroom. But
remember only one sabotage per day.
It also brings many sabotage or pay a fine.
Having an antivirus disk:
First go to the "Airtravel". pick the walking spider before
snake eats. Then go to the bottom of the oil. give the
spider. then he gives you a choice of head of deer dart. Go
to "Advertising Agency". give him the dart. and you can have your
antivirus disk (on the table beside him.)
Paper clips:
Go aboard Legal Management routes to the right of Mr. Uhrig
office, the director of the airport and stole four clips. Then go
Cargo Department, located at the left corner of the airport.
Give the operator the paper clips. He will accept them and say that
he prefers to use paper clips that the liquid glue. Take
liquid glue, which is in front of a small box next to
crane operator. Go anywhere on the first floor at the airport and
fall on the floor of the queue by clicking on it (at the bottom of the
screen). When any of your opponents step there, will be trapped
temporarily. This is useful when done early in the morning, immediately
after the meeting with Mr. Uhrig. We must prevent their opponents from
AirTravel reach the agency before.
More sabotages:
In a network game, there is the possibility of sabotage that are not
available in a single game. To activate these, you must find and
collect as many items as possible.
Finding the sabotage shop:
Buy a box of violin at the Duty Free Shop and give to the Arabs
Petrol. He will tell you about the entrance to the secret room
beside his shop.
Easy ways to get CPU stocks and buy out:
Go to the bank, sell all your shares in your airline, leave, re-enter
the bank and buy all the stock again. Leave again and wait a while.
Other competitors will come to the edge and some sold some of its
stocks. Buy shares, which will help you buy outside.
Note: If no one sells stocks, just repeat.
Energy Drink:
After getting the gloves, use them late in the day to buy the energy drink.
The next day, after the meeting, drink yourself. You run twice
fast. This will help you reach the order desks faster.
Go to the fight against kerosene near the duty free shop. Then take a glove
the counter. Now go to the drink machine next to the loading or front
museum. Use the glove with a drink machine for a can of energy
drink. Drink and you can go around the airport with excellent resistance
and high speed walking. Only drinks and is later.
Stink bomb:
After exchanging gloves stink bombs at the pavilion, take a look at the
together occasionally to see what flights arrive or depart. If
really hate to see a competitor who has a flight today, make a note of the
time. Go to the gate at least 30 minutes prior to arrival / departure. When
arrive, enter the boarding area and go to the door as if receiving
the plane. Immediately the passengers through the door, the fall
their stink bombs. Will harm the entire flight and the stomach
decrease in the competitor's reputation. You can repeat this operation many times as
Talk to plane broker. Sometimes if you wait long enough, the storage area
Above left open. Take the bra. Go to the Duty Free Shop and give the
bra to the girl behind the counter. She will thank you and now you can take
The horseshoe is at the top left of the screen. Go to Rick's Cafe
and give the horseshoe to him. We must prevent their employees to strike.
Go to the gasoline-air against the head of ten days and beyond. There will be a pair of
glove counter of the leaflets. Enjoy them and go to the Coke machine
between Air Freight and the Museum. Sponsoring the vending machine. Gloves
keep you from being electrocuted. Take the Coke and go to the kiosk.
Giving news of Coca-Cola. Then click the package of stink bombs at the bottom of
left corner of your window. He will give you a gift.
Get paper clips from the Board of Directors of the route and give man
in the cargo area. Take the tail of it. You can use the glue to delay your
competitors. Click and you see a puddle of glue on the floor. Once
its competitors step in, will be a difficult situation.
Additional Material:
Make an easy profit Once the aircraft is in venda buy Boing 777-300. Without
or change orders to sell the plan to the museum. We buy
$ 40 million when you only paid $ 30 million.
Question of the populations of computer-sell all their shares. Exit and re-enter the bank.
Buy back shares. All team players must issue more shares. (If
first do not succeed.
Try these mini-missions:
Take the gloves Stinkbomb-air gasoline. Go to the machine and get a soft
soda. Go to the news kiosk and click soda. You can now get StinkBombs
of this type. Click them in the bottom left.
No. Go to strikes/bombs- corridor and get the support of aircraft overhead compartment.
Bring it to the lady in the shop duty free. Then get the hoshoe at the top left of the
Shop. Now you have two options. Keep horshoe and you can not have your office
bombed. Or give the drunk guy in Ricks and its employees will not appear in the
Get Clips Glue-Board map. Hunch in the load
He added that he maintains will be in the queue. When you are up you can use
tail on the ground. You can stop the competition (or if you do not careful0
moving for hours.