Animator vs. Animation


Tips for the animation of gameplay:
Choose something black arrow, then shoot things up in the field. Black
The cursor can be used as rapid fire. If the animator using brush and paint
the wall in front of things, go to the platform to the left and is easier to shoot
from there. Animation can breathe fire by pressing key "E".
You can hijack weapons fire.
Unlocking of the laser gun:
This can be done by scoring 2,000 points animator using normal tools.
Use the laser gun:
This is a little difficult to use, but once you fall it will
an absolute ton of points. The lowest I've seen the laser gun
3,000 points and the highest I've seen is 9000.
This game has two unlock secrets:
View all movements of the animation can be done.
(8000 points Unlock getting Animation).
Get 15,000 points so the animator and Animation.
(This must be done in full screen mode).
Requires 2 secrets to do that. Go to the secrets and continue to press 1
Secret 2 times. Then press the 2nd secret 2. Then play vs. Animator
is the animation will animation.What turn big and you can not attack.