Advent Rising Game

Easy kills:
To have easy kills, the most of your Aeon dust level 5. After doing so,
switch you Aeon Pulse so that you can do radial flare.
Because dust is the most generally kill in one hit. It
also mostly kill everyone in the room that is now in
Escape pod choice:
* After returning to the escape capsule bay with Olivia, Ethan tells
take Olivia and run to the escape capsule, while Olivia asks you to take Ethan.
At this point, you can choose either one depending on who you walk towards.
If you walk towards Ethan, leading to the pod and see Olivia scanned.
If you walk towards Olivia, you see the door to the sheath and Ethan scanned.
* At the end of the first chapter, you choose who to go with you
the escape capsule. This option only affects the jokes between his character
and saving. After the end credits, will play the epilogue, and
that the person left behind in the first chapter is that it becomes the head end
in the game.
Good Boss Battle:
Wait until the credits end to face another head in a battle bonus.
Chapter 1: Secret Super Mario Brothers Tunnel:
After Ethan and Gideon are at the escape pods, Ethan will instruct you
find Olivia. First, you must find and use six hidden buttons
at this level. To find the first button, repeatedly hit the locker
the first room until it disappears. To find the second button
look behind the columns to the left of where you started in the early
room. To find the third button, exit the first room in the direction
you entered this level. The button is near the gate with the
fire in front of her. To find the fourth button, look behind the left
box on the second escape pod room. The fifth button is behind of
the pillars of the second escape capsule. The button is in a final
door of the first section of the smarthost overlooking the great room with
people running below and ships flying in space above. Once the final
button is pressed, simply follow the path around and open
the secret tunnel. Once on the other side you can find a pipe that
similar to the Super Mario Bros. Climb into it is not a misshapen
Mario-style cave, where the music also changes to match that of a
classic game. Skip through the platforms and reach the end of the cave.
Once there you will find three pipes. Each curve
a point ahead of most in the game. The tube advances to the left
the sequence showing the intermediate Marin Giddeon, and Olivia taking
off the planet in Chapter 4. The tube on the top half warp
of a building in New Bahn. The tube on the right turns on the run
sequence of intermediate sheath.
Chapter 4: Secret Super Mario Brothers pipeline:
Find and use six hidden buttons in level B of this chapter. To find
the first button, when it begins to destroy the black object in the
wall in front of customers. After passing under a large gun and will walk
in an open area with three objects in black. Destroy the black object
on the corner opposite the entrance to the area to find the second button.
Then, climb the small ramp and wait until two bridges appear, on the one hand,
another large gun. Use a charged jump from the bridge until you reach a platform
over large caliber gun to access a hidden room with the third button. Proceed
by level until reaching an area with three doors that enemies are
appear. There should be two small doors on the right and a large
carries a turret further back (which leads to a tunnel that contains the
fourth button). To find the fifth and sixth button, get where you must
Using a switch to create a bridge. Doing so and start crossing it.
While walking on the bridge, look right to find a niche with
two large explosive objects in it. Destroy both of them to find the latest
two buttons. Note: Use the button closer to the beginning of the first bridge
or the secret pipe will remain locked. After six buttons are used in
order, closed at the end of the bridge can be opened, which
the secret Super Mario Brothers pipe.
The defeat of Ethan:
When facing Ethan in the bonus battle (if you took Oliva), beginning at
the burden of the black ball above his head. Furnish power overhead.
When launched, you can hit again. He caught it and threw it
Go three more times. After the third time, he was beaten. He
then fell to the ground and three gold, colored stones which fall from
ceiling. Use Lift to pick up and throw them. Repeat this about four
or five times to kill him. You and Ethan will then leave to catch a warp
hole and get dumped in a snowstorm. Your health is reduced quickly.
Walk to the top left and a strange figure that is you.