New Age Of War


Faster Reload:
When you have the launcher fire wepons as simply a pause when the fairs. Weapon
will reload and shoot faster.
Tip - Keep The Special healing:
First play is an easy way to evolve and the elderly, then let the enemy
destroying it. Before you are about to lose the use of his special care for mankind, but
Be careful not to use too soon. WHEN YOU Lose The Game in any way with which to play and
Performed in states that have special healing of the elderly, but
Do not use the same especially if you evolve in the elderly.
Easiest Way to Win:
Buy a turret, preferably "second" tower as the egg catapult launcher and fire,
but always go with the Barrel of exploding. Allow the enemy to close in
at its base, and must rely on only one type of infantry, or infantry / archer team.
They will kill most of its gold to be within the scope of the tower, and
die long before reaching the tower in the range of your enemy. You can not have 100%
Life at the end, because the enemy Archers, but is the easiest way to win.
Also: The ion cannon turret button = win.
Money and Exp:
Updated up to the last update (the future) and get enough money for all
stains of the tower and get 4 red seeds of the guns if you have the patience to wait
4-5 pm, you will have enough money to buy anything and destroy the central processing unit.
When you begin to let a lot go to another team until they stop coming then click
special power and then press pause, wait until you stop shaking and then press Pause
again. (Note: does not work for LV 3).

Click a person who is press and PUAs Load does not move, but
ur guys are loaded and displayed.

Start the waiting game until all are created (at least 5 men next enemy.)
So its always special to get enough money to throw the egg. Do not create together
unless you need money to build its tower is a great advantage.

Easy (but long) gain:
Just build tons and tons of melee soldiers to contain the enemy to reach the
Age end, then get all the slots and four towers tower ion (BTW, have you
money, and when you have enough cash to build only 2 or 3 super soldiers.