Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood


Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood Tips:
In the gameplay make sure any of your characters is standing and point of
mouse at the icon on their knees. Press [F11] and get the console.
The following type codes for their respective purposes:
Result Code
GoodLuck - Add cloverleafs to the campaign
CASH - Gives more money
Bingo - give your character all 999 ammunition
IMMUNITY - Gives your characters invulnerablity
Merryman - It gives you an extra gay man
TIMELESS - time stands still
PAM - makes all enemies stupid in close combat
UNBLIP - All the characters on the map
WINNER - Win the mission.
NUKE - Kill all opponents.
HADES - Kill selected enemy.
PAM - makes all enemies ineffective in melee combat.
HIGHLANDER 2-makes all the enemies invincible.
Highlander - makes all characters invincible party.
GoldenEye - is part invisible characters in all.

After the second mission will be in sheerwood. There is an old soldier
it willnot participate in the mission. If left robin not pr
Robin trained by him, then Robin can fight harder, when all
His sword is fill in the blanks. In the fight with the enemy, first try to attack
archeri in because the fire from a distance. Try to drink less
Meery man on mission. If left sheerwood Dudley, then no more
things produced.

Fight against the enemies:
If you're fighting everything soldiers and attacks from all sides, then, if
attack you in a circle, he will die soon and the fight against the gentleman,
must attack or fight with him scarelet Will.

When you're in their mission Ranulph and can not do the soldiers
dead, then you should use John Little.

Easy Way to Rob Carrigis:
Before going out to do the mission that should have plenty of arrows, you might have
his merry men are doing or you can use the trap. To perform the trick, first
press F11 to reduce the cheat page and type "bingo" (without quotation marks).
Use the arrows to shoot the targets. NOTE: one of his men must stand
and put the mouse over the symbol of lap.