Game tips:
I found a Automin really works! even with new updates (fatigue).
Get it from It works by recording your clicks,
mine is the full load of ore for you and then take it to the bank, then go to the
a bed and the rest for you. It also smelled, Smith and fish. I extracted from coal in 1000
one day using this thing!
Easy money:

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If you have access to the world of members, go to Ardounge and enter the house next door
the bake sale. (This door needs a certain theiving level, if you are not yet in
sufficient level go to the house opposite, and train at the door, and chest
interior.) Inside the house, to the right of the door is a ladder. Upload this
ladder, and you will see two chests. In the chest, farther away from the stairs and
closer to the bed is Nature Runes. Keep stealing from the chest and get many
Runes of Nature. At current prices of Runescape Nature Runes are around 100-300gp. If
you can not access members world, dont worry. Go north of Falador until
Rach the mountain. turn to the left of the mountain to have the
Goblin Viallge on your left.At level
3 Wilderness is a place of Dark Wizard spawning. Collect runes here and sell
in Falador.