Robot Rage

Robot Rage Cheat Codes:
Automatic super weapons:
If you go to submit pin to super pack1 press instantly get 124,412.
Automatic Win:
When you are in battle ask them to press ALT + F4 to close the rage robot in its
team and will win.
Instant loss:
Press [Ctrl] + W when "Walkover" appears on the screen.
Go to garage:
Press [Ctrl] + R when in battle.
Get a high ranking:
If you normally use a browser other than Internet Explorer, start both browsers
(eg Firefox and Internet Explorer). Load Robot Rage on both.
Make a second account, then use the robot to improve its robot others simply
falling into the pit of destruction. Be sure to keep the two robots at the same
level or rank, then continue doing this until you have two robots with one at
"Elite" and the other in the range "Maestro". You can also get
both the "Elite" rank, which would be better).
Easy credit:
Click a weapon to sell, but do not sell. Instead, go to the paint.
Click around the tower paint screen usually is. Clicking on the correct
the location of a "sell now" appears. Keep clicking it and you will have many
Sale Items:
When you're selling the product (s) you have to upgrade your robot, you must click
"Buy Parts", then "arms" and read the article Junk cost (s). All Items
are at 90% discount. For example, if you are selling the dagger, which costs 10 credits.
The discount of the dagger is 9 credits.
Do not waste the battery:
When the low battery or when, tap left and right simultaneously and
moves slowly, but without loss of battery power!
Infinite Money:
Sell all your weapons and armor good engine and buy a gun until all the gays
money is gone and then go out and fall back in arms and good and
engine again.
More money:
Wait Walrkover When reading and writing in chat GIMME500.
Flame trick:
Go to the stake and if people are on the other side reached by Tillit
fire, but not Herting, then if you have a flamethrower use it for the hits
not good, but it helps.
First make a new robot. Do not make a name that does not make sense because
you have to want to keep it. Go to the shop, remove the wheels, they sell them, then
buy a small tower. Attatched, then take off the engine go on sale, click the place
in the engine, but do not sell it! Then go to Paint Shop go to the upper right corner
of the tower and click. A sign saying click here to sell appears. Click it
again go to buy what they'll have more money! Back to painting, click the
and now again click, click, click, click your life depends on it! Then
when you finally realize that life is not dependent on you to stop. Then
go buy the issue and have a butt load of money.