At Wild Missingno appeared the 13 pokemon that you have selected is Ralts
Level 8. What you gonna do? Surf wild Missingno used and no damage 24.
Ralts fainted.
Note: You may take a while for the buttons' work 'please do not
many times the press. They do the work! You may only need a few seconds!
Legendary Pokemon:
To get a legendary pokemon in pokemon lake: 1st defeat all gym leaders
and then go to the maps and then find legends.
Defeat all the gym leader and elite 4 ... then the incumbent's defeat pokemonlake.
Go to the map and u will be able to catch legends.
Hello I want to say a new trick to enter the first 6 ir map click on map 1
6 n will map many legends.

This is the fastest legendarys without badges are going to the 6th
i found groundon map, manaphy, heatran, p hionne, uxie, mesprit and deoxys
its easy to catch them. Yours Shadowlugia2105.
Pokemon level:
That is how at ease pokemon style. It's easy to hit normal
all types, so do not mention it.
If you have the type of grass in front of water.
If you have the type of water against the rock and the type of fire.
If you have any kind of power vs rock type.
If you have the kind of electricity and water vs type of flight.
If you have ghost type vs type of rock.
If you have the type of flight vs rock type.
If you have against electrical fires and type of grass.
If you have dark rate vs physical.
If you have the physical type vs type of rock.
If you have any type normal vs. type of water.
If you are facing any kind of dragon.
The advantages of pokemon:

Type of water is good for pokemon - fire ground rock type pokemons
Pokemon fire rate is good for - Ice electric lawn error pokemons
Rock type is good for pokemon - fire and electric pokemons
Type of terrain is good for Pokemon - Electric type and rock pokemons
Type of grass is good for pokemon - Water, earth and rock type pokemons
Psychic pokemon type is good for - and grass type pokemons dark type
Dark is good for the type - poison
Electricity is good for the type - water pokemon
Poison is good for the type - the type of grass pokemons
Type of error that is good for pokemons - grass type pokemons
Ice type pokemons are good for - Pasto dragon pokemons error
Dragon types are good for pokemons - Dragon type pokemons
Type of steel is good for pokemons - Rock ground type pokemons
Fighting is good for the type pokemons - Rock type pokemons
Type the ghost and psychic type - pokemon.PC Games