Pokemon - Sapphire Game


Pokemon - Sapphire Cheat Codes:
That allows you to leave the file saved anyone
who wants it. Or that normally sell for money.
Code Effect
UP + B + Select - Delete saved data
Mystery of the event:
To get the mystery event go to Petalburg and enter the Pokemon
Center. Talk to the kind of standing next to the PC. He will ask
to give your profile - say yes. Enter profile
"mystery event is exciting." Then, save the game and shut down
the game. When you play mystery event will again.
It's a little mystery as a gift.
Island mirage:
To find Mirage Island, go to Pacifidlog Town (the city water).
Go as far right as possible. Then go inside the house. Talk to
boy looking out the window. He will probably say 'I can not see Mirage
Island "If that happens, try again the next day. Eventually, he
saying 'I can not see Mirage Island. Then surf east and you'll find Mirage
Jigglypuff Island:
Top of Rustboro, and north to the water near route 115.
Use surf to travel even further north, and eventually you will see a
piece of land to your right. Go to earth and was a secret
island! Here are some coaches, and you will be able to find
wild Swablu, Taillow, Swellow, and the rare Jigglypuff.
Pokemon Duplication (Clone)
Put the pokemon you want cloned in an empty box, and then carry out
and put in another box (make sure it's a table), then
save. But when it says "saving do not turn off power" turn it off.
The next time you turn back the game should have two of the
pokemon you cloned.PC Games