Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Easy kills:
If you need help getting your level then go to Port Royal, then go to
Charles Fort and go to the station on the gallows. There should be a grunt of
level 14-18 attack and not attack back! But not out of the
platfrom or will start to attack you and get veterans to help him!
Grenada Easy experience:
Go to Misty Look in Tortuga and attack the giant crabs, big alligators,
and huge alligators using only grenades. Do not attack again.
Glitch invincible!:
You must be Kingshead it. Run past all the soldiers of all
the path to the castle to the highest Caslen to reach a door. Right
next to the door is a return, immediately turned around and there is an arc.
Come through, turn right and enter the first small room with a murderer.
Hit him first and left him almost kill you. Cool thing is ... that will not die. As
if not put away his gun he Glitches and can not die.
You have to stay on the island and can not use the gun or voodoo.
Cutlass dagger AND ONLY!. I hope this was clear enough.
If done well, it works every time.
Working in the bar:
Turtle in the bar (faithel girlfriend) up until 2 carver go 2 the right to maintain
running boar (may take a minaute) ur there.
Dealing a flagship not just sail off aboard ships and did not shoot at you.
You can then navigate around the ship and sank at ease. But if you go to ports that have
to do this again.
U must have aged a sloop to do this. First get the war is not a sloop sloop
and not a light sloop. Then get on it, but no sail. Go to the farthest west
barrel and run it at an angle. Then u can walk on water. U can board a vessel
and remains unity. have fun with it.
Easy experience:
Go to Port Royal. Go to Fort Charles then go to the station on the gallows. The attack
levels 14 to 18 snore and we will not retaliate to the extent that it is in the platform.
If the passage of the platform will begin to attack and get to help veterans.
Skill Points:
Free trial for players, you can only get two updates ability unlocked. To
subscribers, each weapon can only get a total of 25 skill points. Use them wisely.
Weapons / skills / definitions / points of attack will be published in research so that
has been completed.
Easily find the articles:
Use the following trick when in a quest to find a theme, whether in cash or as a
buried treasure. For buried treasure, find a safe place to dig for treasure. After
excavation, in the same place and the treasure will respawn. Continue to
this until you get a message stating "There is nothing of interest is." At this point,
can no longer be digging. For the boxes, do the same, but may have to re
and two boxes to work.
Swimming through Cuba:
If you swim around Cuba against the stay on land, about 3 / 4 of the way around you
fall into the island. from there you can cut through any point on the island.
Invincibility glitch:
When his cell in a prison, not only to run out the door when the
lock and keep hitting f9 (during execution). You can take a lot of countries, but if you go
via its invincible until you exit. The disadvantage is that it can and can not TP
still die in their boat. Also, you do not have unlimited nor voodoo. My name is
tgideerseason and I am the GM of the guild rebel Bandits. If you see me say
something about this post and join my guild, if you wish. I hope this helps!
Another trick invincible:
First, go to Kingshead. at the door and only 1 or 2 guys to get attention. right
die before or around the same time leave the door. sometimes can not work, but
must be accurate (and) P.S. My pirate name is Sharp eyes or if you need help
come to me and I will be happy to help.
Glitch - Never sink:
This isn't really a cheat its more like a technical problem. First, either go to the island of avercia
or island of Ponce. First sink a ship. Then get his boat sunk. Then another attack
boat and let u continue until one or both parents or kingshead fire. Then
as soon as u do that the enemy attack or to ship or have half of their health
then attack with the vessel left braodside then sunk his ship. Then your boat
respond and then the earth. Go to parent-fire and try to navigate your ship. U r glitch.
His ship had just ill at the last island were uy no matter how many times its
gets a ship that will always stay in the middle of the vessel and health never sink. The only way
to leave the ship if u og then sitting in his boat and then log off
Agin, and then log on. You may think that this really isn't but try. It will work 75 percent
of the time. pillage-happy-P.S. u have to do a French or Spanish for search
glitch to work.
Glitch in kingshead:
Go to kingshead then go down the stairs to the left when in the bottom one
right and then go to the corner and starts to run toward the island. may take a while
but the end result will be that he threw the wall. when you go threw the wall appears
that are running under the island can continue to close and end up in the fortress --
Notice that there are no enemies in sight - now you can explore all you want without kingshead
die. My pirate name is John and my other dog is John warsilver members of the guild is
fallen and bloody dog warsilvers guild is if you see one gentleman tell me if
you need help.
First obtain a minimum of 100 pieces of gold. Now, member or not, your right to a pirate? Therefore, what
to do is cheat at Blackjack, and how we do, it's ...... Heres good directions:
1. Go Padres del Fuego.
2. Go to Ratskeller (something of a bar).
3. Sit down to play Blackjack.
4. Swap cards press.
5. Press the details of the first letter of the dealer (PS: You are usually able to exchange
distributors of cards, but when it does).
6. A small window that says "blah, blah, blah, Bitty, who have been caught cheating,
you have been fined 100 gold pieces. "DO NOT PRESS OK!
7. RUN like the wind outside the door and steps and when out in the footsteps of his off, click OK.
(Remember that some countries can take not only the tables, and run out the door.
8. Happy, happy. Their invincible. If you have a low turn left where the prison is
in the cave. There are a lot of high lvls there.
Go against his boat of a ship not fight right before you teleport it sinks
you will be invincible, but you can not teleport. PC Games