Pillage The Village


Defeating villagers:
Use ACME anvil crushing houses and killing groups of villagers.
The defeat of the parachute men:
Throw the parachute man up into the air. Wait until his parachute deployed,
then click on the parachute. You can now kill him however desired.
Knights beat:
Wait until the knight tries to attack with his sword, then dodge the sword.
When the knight turns red and his sword stuck in the ground, throw the
gentleman in the air.
The defeat of the money men:
Wait until the money men are confronted with stealing their money and then throw them
up in the air.
Defeat flyers:
Pull the steering wheel in the air. Wait until their wings, then pull
him on the floor.
Statistics are:
level 22
$ 4280?
-40 Alignment
power glove
acme anvil
electrec fence
lethl ingection
sandbox with
Excuse my bad spelling
Type these words when playing. Do not stop the game!
Type: owmygodwatthefuckbarbeque = $ 10,000 in cash
Type: devilsareangels = yunque lvl.3
Type: sheepdontcry = slave cage lvl.3
Type: townterror = infinite mana
Type: = runningman villagers can not escape
I do not know if there are more cheats! but I will find out! These traps work well
for me the cheats will not work if you have not bought the game! When you bought the game
i one of xgenstudios CheatBook is useful when you can not go in fürdô
game! saludos, Cheater.
The shape of the cage Rober feaks:
1. Wait for the string through, but be a little early.
2. Then click on the cage.
3. Then click near it.
Note: Must be faster than them.
Keep your people:
Put two houses side by side in the same zoom and there is no difference between
them. Then, when the villagers come out, pick up towards the ceiling so they slide a
where the two roofs meet, this prevents them from moving, because they base their
vertually forever. watchout with parachutemen, if you drop too much since then
willfloatpast this glich.