Platform Racing 2


How Bee Body, Propeller Hat and Head Candy:
These items will not be random career reward.
How to unlock unlockable
Head Candy - Do Candy Land against 3 players
Bee Body - Do Zerostar (after Candy Land) against 3 players
Propeller Hat - Do Hat Factory. No matter how many players against
Bird body - Play It's New York level against three players
Unicorn head - Play level 1 against three players
Football helmet - Go to the temple of the soul 4
Get unicorn:
Unicorn For the first go at head level, with 3 other players,
Birds get the body, go "his New York", with 3 other players.
Yellow Blocks:
When u get all the yellow blocks to push more and should not be in two ter
Push the upper right until the end of the play or not to push past the other
Players can only pass if ur at the top or near it if not
ur in the past.
Make a hat with the words on the voucher and then go anywhere and you
unlock the ability to fly with a cowboy hat note: you will be able to keep the hat.

This is not much of is more like a technical problem.
Mario Bros remix to go with a teleport and if uu have good acceleration that can
go to the wall at the top u will see all the bombs?.
Make a super jump and there should be a difference, go with ur teleport and use to pull
Wile gap holding down the right.
That u can jump aaaallll of things in the subway.
Fun (PR2 character)
want to see bright lights in PR2? then here's your chance, try making a level
many lines of finished together, and then try to move with the eyes looking at the target
lines, then you'll see what I mean by bright lights.
If you have 3 hats or kong, proppeller, exp and a hat, or go to a level that is "to obtain a
crown u should take ur hat 3 or obtained kong weather is proppeler or expense is
the last and finally, thats ,.... play and the level where it says "the winner of the
wins the game ull get the crown and a crown!

For Helmet Head, Alma 3 players play against Temple.

Put water in a given edge of a block with nothing in principle in a level editor squeze
and U are out!
To do this diagnol blocks in a line editor provides water to go around with a
corner and press ^> u simoltainously and will be through:)

Go to the temple of the soul after three people can win or a helmet and head oh sweet head 3
people in Candyland.

Glitch for Candy Land:
Well u need to propeller hat or get super jump and large waffle blocks as the pumps
there are under the bombs hit a hat or learn to float down yu still have super jump and use
stand up if you need help or hours with me in game my name is at stake gorillaboy36.

Gun Glitches:
For a weapon glitch u need to put a block up arrow and a long series of blocks with a
opening to turn away from where u want to go to the opening at the top and then shoot u
should happen. If U want to see my mistake to go to one of my maps on my username
map search speedman910 gun fails to show u and him.

Teleport glitch (mario remix)
Well in order to obtain a remix mario teleporter and go to the big wall with all the bombs in.
do a super jump and you will see 2 bombs missing, use teleporter through the difference!
to fly and land somewhere you can spend all underground!
Easter Egg:
Go to Easter bunny.then move 4 times the level of the four hats.propeler hat,
santa hat, exp hat, hat and kong. once you are going in the fourth quarter ur time with ur hat
ie, the winner of this race will win a dining or rabbit egg ears.if body doesn't
atleats try to work with 3 people move in and win the race four times with four hats.
a rate of 5 in ur first and I and my friends.