Pippa Funnell - The Stud Farm Inheritance


Find Blacklock:
Pippa Funnell was playing when i was a big problem finding Blacklock, but everything
we have to do is follow the signals from deep blue, with trees then go to the door and then
towards the small white block on the side of gate.then write the code in the
pad (You must have the code on a piece of paper that has the phone earlier) and
enter your home.

To get the sheep to go to the pen at the top of the area in which
herd and the mountains are the 2 in the easiest, and then will be
the top of the field

Tip for the quad:
Leave it once and for all lawn and leave it in the middle of the
road.Estelle tell something.Go can even reduce through it again
and when jumping on their distance from roads and the space center press esc
together, but little space before.This pause the game, but the horse remains
jumping. Click continue and stopped Youve again.It mightnt the first work
time to keep trying!

The quad:
To stop the guy on the quad (the Davy) when you arrive at the start
chasing him, follow him and if you know any shortcuts to move blacklocks
then use, but at the end of each side in a position to access
halfway. Maybe not stop at the first time, but keep trying
and final work. If you do not know any shortcuts or Havent had enough
Davy to arrest all the bits in width after the herb that can cut a corner off by
passes through a gallop up to the path on the other side and set aside
through the path.after 3 or 4 times it stopped.

To find the horses, blacklocks to go home, but do not turn in that lane
leads to your door. Drive straight until you reach the river otter and go
thrugh the chain. The first horse is hidden in the trees directly to the right
, where the come into play after that run all the roads round up
you find them all.

How to go the first 2 jumps in 2nd Show:
To jump the jumps of his horse should have its height increased to jump 1
mertere 60. Then you can spend.

The offspring of the Quad Bike:
Before I say anything, it's Davy. To stop at the first little go grassy
more canter. Reduce speed near the path and stop in the middle of the road.
She will say something and then use the shortcut near you. When you have the past
second round to go there some way to canter and do it again. (If you need
some resistance, make sure you have some. Trot while passing near the second small
way.) You should have stopped him. Go straight, when you have done and
go to the river otter (When Blacklock will not lower your lane, go to
the door.) Then, just keep searching and find the horses.