My Tribe-PC game


My Tribe Tips:
More rapidly the science points:
Pilar has the star shape on it
Arrange for an adult to a full (100%), sciences, using Stardust
them. You may have to make a number of Stardust, since it seems to be chosen at random
thus to increase the skill. Once in 100%, drag him in the pillar, it will change
in, then fill it with 3 Stardust to complete the process.
You will receive more Stardust falling.

Brilliant stump, partial progress:
Get one of the adults to their full capacity with the company (the only way I know now)
then the person can pick up the stump to reveal a surprise

Try using the star dust in the research herds. 1000 should give pints. 400 pts.
If the use of lunar dust.

Get points faster science, make science a priority for many of its people and a lot of use
your moon / Stardust on the advancement of science, a sufficient time to research or technology
and then people do double time points and its moon / Stardust points
increase when u use them in building science, and u have to travel to build a boat
it takes a long time to build the research vessel construction or when lvl 3 once the
Boat is ready to put a person on it and follow the instructions. Sorry, we do not know what
no fossils yet.

Magic - rain is sea water, fish and Stardust-
Little under the tree to grow glowy stump. continues by saying that the special needs of water?
U need for the magic potion from the rain.

- How do I get lodestone?-
lodestone and you can make:
* Seawater, lodestone, Stardust: Put in the ground and the stars will fall from the sky.
* Rainwater. Moondust, lodestone: Put in a building (not 100% done) and going to win
construction points.
* Rainwater, Stardust, lodestone: You will receive a gift from the sea

To solve the mystery with fossil fuels has to put someone who is a teacher at Rock
meeting. After that you have to put someone who is a master in science about it.
to solve (with the moon rock in it) has to put some rock on moondust.
after that you have to put someone in it with some experience with moondust (already
PUTTEN some moondust on him and has changed his appearance before PUTTEN him / her about
My oldest just triby of starvation at 48 and my tribies looks like all the hungry,
although they are fishing and no fish on the mat. I built a shed for storage of additional food
for them, but only about a foot say are starving. The fish, but apparently
can not get their food from the hut. Any ideas?
Does the wood? because they need wood to make the meal
Potion =- -= RECIPES
+ Water + catalyst = target = Type Effect
Golden berries Mar Reliquia adults puts all adults sleep poorly
Rain of gold fish flew Reliquia Mala
Sea Fish Golden Reliquia flew Mala
Golden guano Mar Reliquia flew Mala
Rain of guano Moondust flew Mala
Rain rocks flew Bad Moondust
Sea vegetables Moondust flew Mala
Stardust flew vegetables Rain Bad
Rain Stardust flew wood Mala
Rain wood flew Bad Moondust
Rain of hungry fish Starduse bad
Fuente de Oro fish Reliquia strong ocean storm that damaged buildings in Bad
Rain Stardust adult rock feel to mourn Mala
Source berries Stardust adult black hair dye cosmetic
Mar berries Moondust adult blonde hair dye cosmetic
Source berries Moondust adult hair dye brown cosmetics
Stardust Rain berries adult hair dye light brown cosmetics
Fuente de Oro Reliquia adults berries of red hair dye cosmetic
Lluvia de Oro berries Reliquia adult strawberry blond hair dye cosmetic
mushrooms Mar Moondust adult auburn hair dye cosmetic
Stardust Rain adult mushroom dye hair dark brown cosmetics
Golden mushrooms Mar Reliquia adult cosmetics new hairdo
Rain adult mushroom Moondust new hairstyle, cosmetics
Source mushrooms Moondust adult new hairstyle, cosmetics
Rain of Gold mushrooms Reliquia adult cosmetics new hairdo
Source of the adult mushroom cosmetics new hairdo
Golden Sea Vegetables adult Reliquia cosmetics new hairdo
Fuente de Oro vegetables Reliquia adult cosmetics new hairdo
Stardust vegetables source cosmetics adult new hairdo
Improving the
Rain berries Moondust improve adult art Improving individual skills
Source of adult fish, the ability to improve the fishing better person
Source guano Moondust adults improve the ability to improve agriculture person
Adults iron rain Moondust Improve ability to improve the construction person
fierro Mar Stardust adults improve the ability to improve science person
Fuente de Oro mushroom Reliquia restore aged youth better person
Golden Sea rocks Reliquia adults improve the collection of rock Improving individual skills
Lluvia de Oro rocks Reliquia adults increase physical strength Improve individual
Reliquia Wooden Sea Gold Adult improve timber harvesting Improving individual skills
Reliquia Wooden Rain of Gold Improve mental strength increase adult person
Do something
Stardust Rain Guano ground create something flowers Make
Mar guano to fertilize the farm (crops instant) do something
Fuente de Oro guano Reliquia fertilize all the farms do something
lodestone rain barrel set up on land Stardust / box Do something
Mar Moondust ground lodestone create moon dust Doing something
lodestone Mar Stardust star dust ground create Do something
Rain lodestone Moondust building construction speed Doing something
Mar Stardust rocks create a spot of rock Do something
Sea vegetables Stardust create ground fungi do something
Stardust Sea wood floor create butterflies do something
Sea ground fish Stardust rain Others convene
Moondust ground fish rain storm convene Other
Stardust Rain fierro Other adults feel happier
mushrooms Mar Stardust female twins Other upcoming birth
Rain Moondust vegetables every adult full stomachs Other