Naruto Arena


Naruto Arena Tips and Cheats:
Strong Team:
When you choose your ninja, you choose a ninja for Chark as taijutsu,
Ninjutsu, genjutsu, and blood. like rock lee for taijutsu, gaara for
Ninjutsu and zaku blood, so when you have a better chance of
fight then waiting for the Chark and lose some. take into account and
the most likely to win.
Select a ninja for Chark as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Bloodline.
For example, choose Rock Lee Taijutsu, Gaara for Ninjutsu, and Zaku
Blood. This gives you a better chance to fight and win instead of waiting
Chark and lose for certain.
Unlocked all ninja:
How to unlock unlockable
The Hokage - 123
Team 7 - 456
Team 8 - 789
team 9 - 120
Team 10 - 110
the sand team - 102
the mist nin - 130
special ninja - 118
Harm reduction:
How to make the game u have 10 hp or 30 affected not die.
Kakashi Hatake:
Unlockable - How to unlock
Hatake Kakashi - Hyuga Neji
Kyuby Naruto - Uzumaki Naruto
Kurenai - Hinata Hyuga
Jiraiya - Aburame Shino
Tsnade - Sakura Haruno
Orochimaru - Gaara
Sarotobi assume - Nara Shikamaru
Cursed Seal Sasuke - Uchiha Sasuke
youre good team first has to be in the first slot in the bottom slot in this
2nd order Negi 3 naruto shino first you have to be this or chunnin
work must first female shino use error
Negi and use ten 8t64palms naruto use rasengan that Thell do so in order
and the next time you are going to use Rasengan is and Cresent Moon Rasengan
150 hurt. track if Kyuubi naruto naruto instead of going to change
odaama Rasengan 170 and hurt the first time I did this, but woorked
not the second time.
Recommended team:
Select a ninja for Chark as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Bloodline.
For example, choose Rock Lee Taijutsu, Gaara for Ninjutsu, and Zaku
Blood. This gives you a better chance to fight and win instead of waiting
Chark and lose for certain.
Easy wins:
If u wana earn without providing even 1 move in the same team,
Heres how:
- U need 2 accounts and different browsers (eg Firefox and Internet Explorer)
- Open a window WID da firefox (jus an example) and other women in the development of Internet Explorer,
den in either a registration window of ur 2 accts then to others and a record
in the other account.
- In both accts then click start playing then select the game type and gives private names
ur account
- Not really take u 2 do anythin in ur main account, but in ur secondary account jus
Simply surrender and der u go an easy win on da same computer! (jus keep
ur into account the loss of your account to have a lot of losses if u want to do more of)
If U want to get kakashi curse mark sasuke or naruto Kyuubi or need for private battle
the_10th_captain and let him win once more and tell u naruto arena cheats
(which is 1 gives dem)
How to get all the characters:
In the registration page in the near or in your username.
Password Effect:
123 - Hokage
456 - Team 1
789 - Team 2
142 - Group 3
153 - team 7
164 - sand team
243 - Akatsuki
475 - special equipment
The way to defeat them:
Academic Student = Team 7 Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
Genin = Mission Characters like Choji, partner with Sasuke and Naruto
Others = Ramdom
There really are no cheat codes for NARUTO-ARENA
but here are some tips:
1-private games to win or do not have stairs, or missions
the best teams are: - 1-lee, sasuke, Kiba (I have them 8)
2-shik, Haku, Temari
3-kakashi, naruto k, kimmimaro
4-team 7
5-Chouji, Sasuke, Iruka, and so on .......
3-always when u focus on the character set for first kill
I know this has been said a million times before, but there is no trick so far
naruto arena because, despite being a flash game on your server .. .. which faces
need wpe pro for it ^ _ ^ although some real-time hackers do not spend the time
coz it .. not even a real game = /
but I'm just here to teach the basics ..
1. this game if you kill one of each type of chakras .. >. <
to pick 3 characters that are less different chakras. But wait! you
can not just watch the place like chackras and poof!
have to look very hard for their skill combinations .. their "chemistry" if
You know what I mean
2. stick to you plan ..! if you want to go kill 1 character go to. but if you want
AOE .. go stick to your plan no matter what!
3. experiment equipment .. because you can not expect to work for you what others think they are
more>: D coz at the end of everything, random chakra still decides the key to victory lol
its not a code but if u want the best team u have these people in certain
Kiba first to make sure it is 1 naruto and then make sure it is the number 2 and
then u have to have hentai ETHE (Thet usaly is the 1 i use) or shikamrau and I have
never lost once with that team.
Only those missions for some teams
How to unlock unlockable
good team - complete search Sakon 4, and a rare oppertunity
great team - complete devotion, mist ascendant, and the illusion of a dounpour
loving teams - hinata naruto sakura, sakura sasuke Temari, Temari shikamaru
something - Complete 4 Sakon search, search 4 jirobou, sounds in the leaves
awesome team - complete descent into darkness, a place of jinchurrichi, and survival
initial team - sasuke, Tenten and Temari, Temari, Gaara, Neji, and kankoro, sasuke
Sannin team - complete disciples of the toad, disciples of the slug