Motocross Madness 2


Motocross Madness 2 Game tip:
In a practice run accident if you can press tab and then
the bike instantly.
Big Head Mode:
For motorists to have large heads, simply type "big heads" in the main menu.
Rapid Recovery:
Press [Tab] to reset the player immediately on the bike to continue
careers. This is useful if you're racing and entering. You
do not have to wait for the cinematics of the fall or loss of time to get
back on the bike.
Rainbow Studios:
When playing, press [ALT] + [TAB] + [A] you are going to change the screens. When
MCM2 open again, the ground will be Rainbow Studios pattern. To remove this,
simply restart the race.
Rise faster:
Once you fall you press tab and you'll immediately.
Maintaining the balance and adjust the pitch of your bike while in the air
Insanity to a key of success. There are two ways to do it: you can move
its rider back and forth, you can work or the gas and brakes to spin or stop that
rear tire. Comfortable with both, and will be less and crashing
riding more.
As big as your bike and rider look closely, you'll want to pull the camera
back a little for a good look at the surroundings and to ensure that your
all the bike is the screen at all times.
There are more than one way through virtually all courses, and sometimes is
is not very clear. Outdoors, you should explore through the foliage and memorize
results. Inside, you can often create and modify your bike to its line
have an entire section of bumpy road in a single leap.
Go to my computer and open the drive 'c'. Go to program files and open Microsoft
Then open Motocross Madness 2 games and go to the user interface to search the archive file PCnames
open end. There you can rename your oppponents of the race.
However other things:
Press \ during game play to switch to nearby objects such as airplanes, rocks,
cars, telephone poles, etc.
Explosion of a mountain:
Walk to the edge of the screen until you see a big mountain. Try uploading
the mountain. If you have three quarters of the way, press [Tab] to warp
at first. If the soil on top, keep driving (do not remove the mountain) and
was much struck off the screen.
Stick man and a bike
In Enduro not edit your bicycle then select a level. You will end up as a strange
man with a bicycle made of sticks. Note: This can not work all the time.
Invisible Man:
In any Stunt Quarry with lots of shrubs, press [F11] and get the "general
Graphics Quality "to zero. Hide in a bush, and is invisible.
Perfect wheels:
Keep [Lean Back] + [Gas] + [Brake].
Whistling noise:
Stunt event and we go to the edge and up the cliff. Forward until
start flying away. Quickly press [Tab] to return before we go further
edge. After a few seconds, you hear the whistling noise that occurs
flying normally.
Crazy Textures:
If you manage to get something that minimizes the Motocross Madness 2 (as a
warning at the bottom) (ALT + TAB does not usually work) and then when you go
return to play, random texture will tile itself above all else.
World of colors:
While in standby mode Stunt Supercross mode, press Ctrl + Esc then restore the game
toolbar. Click Resume and makes the field should become such a skin
rider folder.