Heli Attack 2 - Game

Heli Attack 2 Cheat Codes:
Keep moving and shooting:
always keep moving to extend the shooting of the enemy and keep shooting
at all times.
Fire before the helicopter:
Learn how the Heli Attack Copter flies and fire in front of him to run
in their sockets.
Tips: Hide all enemy fire:
When you start, run as much as you can on the map at right. Once
reach far enough, there is a slope to protect you from most enemies
fire (except from fire on the far right). Run under the overhang. Press
[Down] as well as hitting the wall on the slope. You will
a place where you can not get success. Release should remain there [left]
before [Down]. From here you can do some things. You may remain
hidden and down quickly by releasing [Down] before [left], standing
the release of [left] before [Down], obtained by pressing over the slope
[Down] once standing, to go further into the slope by pressing [right];
down by pressing [Left] or Spaz press [Up].
Chain shoot!:
Everything we do is take the mouse pointer on the screen, then (continues below)
move out of the game screen. Although outside the game screen, to let go
the mouse and move the mouse (without clicking or pressing and holding!) back
in the game Heli Attack 2. Your character will automatically shoot,
which is much less to worry about with the machine gun / akimbo macs.
Get Underground:
Obtain a one pump going to be once the fire beneath it in a pump
the ceiling and youll be underground.