Hawaii Harpoon Game


Hawaii Harpoon Tricks:
* You can also use the spacebar to launch the arrow of the boat.
* Once the game is over use of the left and right arrow keys to its goal
fired then restart the game to get a good shot at the fish.
* During playback of Hawaii Harpoon should not aim and shoot like a fish
soon as you see it. Instead, you should wait until the last second,
because the longer that you wait for a fish most likely
going to take a double / 'Bono'. Always be a double catch
one or 2 singles, including the catch, and remember the double catch
Quick add points to obtain the largest possible number.
* If you need a couple of thousand points at the end, get the red fish.
* Before starting the game, let get some fish on the screen. When
see two fish that are going to cross paths, start the game, and then
can start with a bonus. The spear does not extend all the way
in the right-hand corner, so when you go for fishing in depth,
willing to let a few if you go too far across the screen.
* You can pull the fish just disappear on the left side of the screen,
but the points are low. If you expect to fish sticks close to the average
on the right side of the screen, then it is more likely to
get more points, especially if they are deeper.
* If you see that is about to lose a fish or a red fish, pull back
the harpoon with the space bar to avoid food poisoning.