Hellbender-PC Game


Hellbender Cheat Codes:
Type the cheats while playing
Code Result
Steroids - God mode
IMPUMPD - All weapons
IMSTUCK - Go to the next level
MAXMEUP - Fortress 100% increase
TOTLPWR - Health increased to 100%
Autem # - # Go to the (level number)
URDEAD # - Gives you a gun (pistol #)
FRAMEIT - sample images
URAGONR - Super Weapons
Full multiplayer map:
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + F during game play in multiplayer mode.
Mobile home fighter:
Select multi-player mode. Select Sandtiger, Deathbringer,
Deathbringer, Sunfire and Sandtiger (in order) on the ship
selection screen. The Sandtiger will be transformed into a mobile home.