Arsenal - The Romanov Files

Arsenal - The Romanov Files Board Level:
LVL 1 to kill all
LVL 2-shoot guy almost center on the left with yellow tie
LVL 3 kill all
LVL 4 waiting in cm 2 guys walk in the bottom of ur screen just after
average guy will go to the Way of a second child
LVL 5 to kill all
LVL 6-shoot both wheels on the right, then shoot him, he is slow to make it
should be easy to kill
LVL 7-kill all
LVL 8-shoot the electrical box and you will not shoot white ties
expect a guy with a yellow tie to come, he started walking 2 the right
finish it
LVL 9-a difficult virus gives additional 10% of your bullets short and switches
screen around, Teresa no updates, here it is, survive or die
LVL 10th have infinite chances at this, so do not worry if you see when the arrows come up
Click this combination: right, up, left, down to click left very quickly or it will
not working