18 Wheels Of Steel - American Long Haul


18 Wheels Of Steel - American Long Haul Removing credit:
like most other fraudulent documents to go, and then in 18 Wheels Of Steel ALH
folder and saves a folder to save you want to delete this loan move
number (1-6) and go to Game.sii. Find the line that says when bank_account loan
and change the number "0", and is to destroy your credit.

Creating a new contract without a decision for the company:

Navigate to the folder where the game will be kept inside him go to save the folders to open the last saved
the game is that open a file named "game.sii".

Find and go to parts companies find lines such as

Rating: 0

Rank Change:

And 3ecaf3dc

Do it for all companies. You will have 4 contracts with each company.
Cheat: Free garage:
This cheat on getting all garages charge.

* Open the saved files. Go 2 last save game folder.
(Mostly this is Tha Last.)
* Open "game.sii" using notepad. Search this file:

vehicle_garage: (garage.albuquerque
purchase_price: 0
city_name: Albuquerque
stored_vehicles: 0
open: -> (false)

* Now change the file "false" to "true".
* Do not change anything else.
* Do this for all files garage.
* So he's done.
* All of your own garage.


This is how you disable tired during the mission. By 18 steel wheels
American long distance directory in my documents. Open game notebook. Search
fatigue, and change to "1" to "0". X and click "Save changes and you
wont be tired again or need to relax during the mission.
Infinite Money / Drivers:
Under your save file, type "game" file and search for "money_account" and enter
The amount of money you want, and for drivers, you look for "drivers" under the
"Money_account" and type in the amount of drivers that you want.