Fusion Fall

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall - Bulletin of Redemption Codes:
To enter your code, access the FusionFall.com, click on Redeem code
menu on the left of the "My Account" and follow the onscreen instructions
Effect Password
ffcforestphantom - Friskerton Old Bubblehead.
ffccryptidhunter - Zak Saturday Bubblehead helmet.
batpackfeb09 - Backpack Cryptid.
ffcfourarmspower - Bubblehead helmet four arms.
ffcben10dinosaur - Bubblehead Humongousaur helmet.
ffcheroaliengoop - Goop Bubblehead helmet.
ffcbighouseblues - Incognito Mask.
Taros Bonus:
For taro bonus missions, your iPod nano login bonus. Then, when activated, click
of the NPC, then the mission will complete and taro 20% more than usual.
It works the same with the sweep.
No Run-Stop:
Then press "HOME" on your keyboard. After you run ever.
To stop, press "HOME" again.
Leveling up faster:
When you complete a mission is to ensure that nano is active and has the scavege
abilty if you complete the mission and you care more about the merger.