Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy Tips
* Feed your animals at the bottom of the screen - the bears come into the top.
You can see them fall into your shadow when it appears.
* Upgrade your store and the car will help you out early in the game. Do this
as soon as you can afford. It will help you get the gold for some levels.
* Grazin in the grass do not waiste money by over watering lawns. Try time
well. Once the well is upgraded to the maximum, will irrigate
for you. No more worrying about watering the lawn.
* Tips obvious: if you want to upgrade your items, just play the previous levels
again and again to get enough to updgrade stars. You can play the early
levels many times as you want.
* Do not be afraid to sell their animals. Especially in the early stages, ie
an easy way to get gold. Examples: once you have enough raw materials to make
what you need to sell all your ducks. In the first levels where you start with the
sheep and the goal is cupcakes, sell the sheep right away to improve their
facilities. You do not need to use the spindle at all. Or perhaps the use of sheep
Once or twice, but then sell quickly before the bear tosses it off.